Good news: your 50p coin could be worth hundreds of pounds

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Following on from the excitement of the fivers that were worth £50,000, and the £1 coins that were selling for £549, another coin is ready to have its moment in the spotlight – the 50p piece.

According to the experts, rare versions of the coin can sell for up to £500, meaning shifting one on eBay could be seriously profitable.

But there are currently 54 versions of the 50p coin in circulation, so how do you know if your version is a rare one – and how much its worth?

To help you decide whether to spend or sell your coin, the experts at have created a handy “scarcity index” that tracks the value of each coin.

Unsurprisingly, the rarest versions are typically worth the most money, with coins fetching anywhere from £4 to over £500 on eBay and at auctions.

Here, looks at some of the most valuable versions of the 50p coin...

The Kew Gardens 50p

Not only is the Kew Gardens coin the rarest of all 50p pieces, it is also the rarest British coin currently in circulation.

There are only 210,000 of them in existence, with lucky owners selling them on eBay for hundreds of pounds. The Telegraph reports that some of the coins have recently sold for as much as £510.

2012 Olympics Football 50p

The 50p coin commemorating the 2012 Olympics football is the second most valuable version, although it sells for much less money than the Kew Gardens version. 

Current eBay listings value it at anywhere between £2 and £25.

Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p

The recently released Beatrix Potter coins are also in high demand, with the Jemima Puddle-Duck versions selling for around £15 on eBay.

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