These 5 inspiring acts of kindness during Hurricane Irma will warm your heart

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Over the last few days, Hurricane Irma has wreaked devastation across the Caribbean and Florida.

The category-four storm has been the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade and at time of writing, left at least 37 people dead in the Caribbean, with at least 10 more fatalities in the US.

Now the tornadoes, flooding and 130mph winds have finally started subsiding and the millions of people who were evacuated from their homes have begun returning to see what is left.

And amidst the chaos and destruction, as is human nature, many have been drawn toward uplifting stories of hope – and social media has been lighting up with incredible and inspiring reports of people helping each other weather the storm across Florida.

Read on for five stories of triumph in the face of adversity.

Doctors helped a woman to deliver her own baby

A woman in Miami was forced to deliver her own baby after going into labour while stranded in the hurricane. Doctors stayed on the phone to help her every step of the way.

“We weren’t able to respond, so she delivered the placenta also,” Assistant Fire Chief, Eloy Garcia, told the Miami Herald. “Dispatch told her how to tie it off."

Fittingly, Irma was the inspiration for the little girl’s name, with her parents choosing to call her Nayiri Storm.

Kristen Bell lent (many) hands

Actor Kristen Bell, who is currently filming in Florida , did a number of good deeds for her fellow citizens.

First of all, she organised a hotel room for the family of her Frozen co-star, Josh Gad.

She also took to the stage to entertain those stranded in the storms…

And has been keeping the senior residents holed up in her hotel busy with a few games of Bingo:

First responders threw everything into helping those who needed it

From doctors and nurses to the US Marines, there were acts of bravery across the board.

News reporters rescued stranded dolphins

A crew of journalists reporting on the disaster saved two dolphins who had been washed ashore.

Others bravely headed toward the storm – rather than away from it

These members of Muslim Marine - an organisation of Muslim American Marines - fearlessly headed South to Orlando to lend a helping hand.

If you want to help with the Hurricane Irma relief effort, you can head to the Red Cross for more information here

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