“You were my best friend”: internet reacts to heart-breaking #HurtBae video as woman confronts cheating boyfriend

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Heartbreak is tough. And unfortunately, it’s a heart-wrenching pain that most of us will have felt at one point or another. Which is likely the reason why a video of a young woman confronting her boyfriend about why he cheated on her and broke her heart has gone viral (and then some).

Tagged #HurtBae, the emotional video sees Kourtney Jorge, and her now ex-boyfriend Leonard Long, have a brutally honest heart-to-heart about the infidelity that led to their break-up.

Raw and emotional, Jorge is seen asking Long, who she met at college and described as her ‘best friend’, why he felt the need to be unfaithful, and just what exactly happened.

Filmed by short video production company The Scene, the intense face-to-face opens with Jorge asking Long: “What did you do?”

There, begins the agonisingly compulsive viewing.

Looking her directly in the eye, Long replies: “I did everything… I had sex with other girls. I did everything.”

Pulling on the heartstrings of people around the world — the video already has over 45,800 YouTube views, while #HurtBae has been trending on both Twitter and Facebook —  the pair explain the story of how they got together, before a sobbing Jorge asks Long how many times he cheated.

The answer comes as a devastating blow, when a clearly uncomfortable Long explains that he doesn’t know; because he couldn’t keep count.

Jorge also describes the horrifying moment she actually caught Long in the act with another woman, only for him to ask her why she didn’t just leave him.

Though just six minutes and 44 seconds long, the poignant short has captured the hearts and empathy of social media users everywhere, who have been quick to share an outpouring of support for Jorge – plus a few stern words for Long.

Dignified to the end, we see Jorge explain that she doesn’t consider Long a ‘bad person’ for his behaviour, even offering him forgiveness.

Her immense pain and heartbreak, however, is clear throughout, so you might want to grab the tissues (and a slab of Galaxy/hot water bottle/blanket/copy of Lemonade) before watching the video below...


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