“I got that flow”: comedy trio's rap about periods goes viral

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It may not be the most obvious choice of topic for a music video, but a brilliantly hilarious new rap about periods is going viral online after being praised for being “bloody awesome”.

Featuring Australian comedy trio Skit Box, the video is the perfect homage to that time of the month, featuring bloating, cravings and cramps.

There’s even an appearance from three men dressed – of course – from head to toe in sanitary towels.


The video opens with the three women – Sarah Bishop, Gerta Jerkson and Adele Vuko – sat in a cafe discussing their periods, before the men next to them ask them to be more “ladylike” and talk about that “grotesque thing” in private.

Raging with fury, the women immediately break into a rap about their periods, spitting lines about buying tampons and giving into ragey hormones while sitting on a throne. We also see the trio eating chocolate to soothe their cravings and putting loads of dresses on their credit cards.


The rap, which has been viewed almost 14,000 times since the weekend, includes the lines, “it’s spread all around my panties, so I’m glad they weren’t fancy” and “I can’t go on that first date, because I am dripping ovulate”.


At one point, they even pour jars of tomato sauce over their heads to illustrate the point that periods aren’t anything to be afraid of.


The trio told The Daily Mail Australia that they wrote the rap because they were fed up of people saying female comedians only ever made jokes about periods.

'We decided to confront that stigma head on by dedicating a whole rap song to deal to cover every aspect of the issue,' they said.

You can watch the (surprisingly catchy) rap below:


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