We can’t decide if this viral video of “the ideal woman” makes us laugh or cry

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This viral Twitter video about Hinge has perfectly articulated the frustrations that many female users have to endure while talking to men on dating apps. But is it laugh-out-loud funny or very depressing?     

As the world of dating apps continues to fascinate and frustrate many of us, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry over a new video about using Hinge.

Either way: it’s 100% relatable to any woman who has chatted to guys on the app.

We’ve discussed before how everybody seems to sound the same on their dating app profiles, often listing Louis Theroux as a personal hero and giving unwanted travel tips about Japan. Hinge is particularly bad for these generic bios, as it asks users to answer self-selected questions. The results are often tired and predictable, rather than original and thought-provoking. They also say a lot about what a person wants in a partner.

Now, an American woman called Gina - who uses the app - has made a viral video which neatly sums up a lot of the expectations men have of potential girlfriends, based on the answers they write in their bios.

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In the short clip, she makes a series of statements based on how “the ideal woman according to men on Hinge” would describe herself.

The results are hilarious, if ever-so-slightly depressing – because they are so darn recognisable. Let’s listen to what Gina had to say and unpack some of the attributes of the “perfect woman” a little.

“I’m naturally beautiful, but I don’t know that I am”

Because a woman knowing that she looks amazing in the very selfie that made the guy swipe right in a millisecond is just vanity, right?

“I love this show [The Office} and tacos”

AKA: interests listed under the male definition of “basic”.

“I love reading, because that means I’m not a whore”

A reminder that woman can’t enjoy sex if they have a book shelf. Duh!

“I’m passionate about vague things, but also really easy going and laid back. And chill, so chill.”

We all have to at least try and be “the cool girl” after all.

“I’m spontaneous, but not in a tattoo way”

Women can be fun and wild… within moderation. Anything more is just way “too much”. 

“Wow, Macchu Pichu”

Because is a Hinge profile even real if it doesn’t feature a Macchu Pichu selfie?

“I love watching movies, but I don’t know a lot about them so you’ll have to tell me the important ones”

Women are only able to *really* appreciate Quentin Tarantino films after incessant mansplaining throughout the whole of Kill Bill, apparently.  

“I think it’s so cool you’re an entrepreneur, and not just unemployed” 

Ah yes, women can’t ask too many questions about his “freelance” job as a llama artist. That’s just nosy and rude. 

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By this point, you’ve probably got a headache from all that major eye-rolling. But the clip is also undeniably hilarious, as these responses on Twitter prove. 

But don’t let this put you off the modern world of dating. The fact that so many women have related to the video proves that at least we have become proficient in knowing exactly when to swipe left. 

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