Illustrator’s witty drawings capture honest moments in everyday life

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Sejal Kapadia Pocha
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Whipping off your bra when you get home, overthinking an argument with your partner, shaking your hips the moment Beyonce comes on - there are some moments in everyday life that are common among many of us. 

And Argentinian illustrator Agustina Guerrero has made a career out of capturing them in her work.

What started out as an autobiographical blog in 2011 has turned into three picture-led books in Spanish, named after her main character Volatile.

She's followed by over one million followers across social media and has become an internet success story.

With her expressive alter ego and lots of humour, Guerrero salutes our bad habits and embarrassing situations.

Take a look at a few highlights of her work below.

That feeling when you take your bra off

When Beyonce comes on...

The stages of an argument

The difference between long-term and new relationships

When laundry feels like a complex maths puzzle

When your phone is lost in the realm of your bag

When you feel like 10 women wrapped in one

When in bed after a big meal

When you can unravel problems and fly


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