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World Photo Day takes place on 19 August every year, to celebrate not  only the magical beauty of photography, but to mark the day in 1839 when The French Academy of Sciences revealed the daguerreotype - the first ever ‘practical’ photography process that was free to the world.

Snapping pictures has come a long way since - Facebook reports that two billion images are shared through its services per day, while estimates put the number of digital images taken each day around the world at a whopping 350 billion.

Instagram meanwhile, is fast taking over as the most popular social media platform for creatives with a community now brimming with over 500 million professional and amateur photographers sharing their windows to the world daily.

So to celebrate World Photo Day 2016, we’ve pulled 10 incredible photographers from the ocean of Instagram’s inspirational snappers, who until now, may have flown below your radar.

  • For pure escapism

    As a creative director, Simone Bramante’s client list is impressive - Christian Dior, Moncler, Jaguar, the list goes on spanning six continents. If it’s pure escapism you’re after however, it’s his Instagram account that you’ll be interested in. Breathtaking scenery, light dappled meadows and sun-scorched beaches all feature.


  • For serenity

    For ethereal shots of nature with a soothingly melancholy twist, Janske is the one. Bare of information about the photographer herself - you’ll catch a few distant self-portraits if you’re lucky - Janske keeps her persona shrouded in fitting mystery.


  • For foodies

    Food photography gets a bad rep on Instagram, but if you’re culinary obsessed then the stylish feed from New York-based duo Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold is a must-follow. Incredibly stylish, the pair photograph food around the world with a deliciously rustic feel.


  • For the slow life

    If you dream of ditching city life for the mountains and countryside, photographer Camrin Dengel’s Instagram feed is the escape you need to see you through the commute. Documenting her life on a ranch in Montanna, Dengel says she aims to ‘nurture slow living’ with every image.


  • For vibrant wanderlust

    Dave and Deb are a married travel photography duo who gave up their careers in the film business eight years ago, to snap their way around the world, blogging as they go. Full of vibrant colour, their polished images can't fail to inspire wanderlust.


  • For dark beauty

    With a taste for the gothic and supernatural, graphic designer and photographer Victoria Siemer, who goes by Witchoria, creates darkly beautiful images in need or far more than just a second look.


  • For an aerial view

    Being a pilot as well as a photographer gives Adam Senatori a very unique angle indeed. A lover of landscapes, he captures his sprawling images from the air, giving us all a dream-like bird’s eye view.


  • For off-beat portraits

    For portraits full of intrigue and character, Michael O'Neal’s Instagram account is a goldmine.


  • For iPhone skills

    It’s hard to believe that Dan Cole’s Instagram feed is full of images captured using just an iPhone - but that’s his out of this world skill. Scroll through in amazement - and then wonder at your own phone photography skills.


  • For painterly romance

    Laura E. Pritchett is best known for her paintings, but the artist’s aesthetic which she brings to her photography makes for beautiful scrolling indeed.


  • For travels around Asia

    Based in Tokyo, Hiroaki Fukuda’s feed is a non-stop Asian adventure from, hidden Japanese gardens to the floating villages of Cambodia.


  • For graphic architecture

    Graphic designer Dirk Bakker fuses profession with passion for an Instagram feed packed with mind-bending angles and fresh looks at city life.


  • For Francophiles

    Jefferson Kent York does venture beyond France, but can still be heavily relied upon for regular reminders of the beauty of Paris.


  • For adventure trails

    Scott Rankin calls himself an ‘adventure photographer’, and his stream of beautifully shot travel images more than beckon you to follow.


  • For a blurring of the boundaries

    Scrolling through Chrysti Hydeck’s Instagram, it’s hard to tell where photography and art meet, but the effects are stunning nonetheless.


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