This new Instagram wall has sparked fury on social media - but why?

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A new arty wall has appeared in Los Angeles, but not just anyone can take a photo of it…

We all know that the life of a social media influencer is a good one, filled with lavish parties, free designer handbags, and even luxurious (and free) trips to the Maldives?

Unfortunately, though, not just anyone can rack up the followers. And so we have resigned ourselves to using our own Instagram accounts at the most basic of levels: think foodie pics, gym selfies and gorgeous holiday snaps. So, when we heard there was a beautiful new “must-Instagram” mural in Los Angeles, we began planning our trip to the City of Angels in our heads. 

Too bad, then, that they won’t let just anyone have a photo in front of that wall: in fact, you must have a lot of followers to even get near it.

Yes, you read that correctly: the art wall, which features a painted pair of wings and is located at 7753 Melrose Avenue, is only accessible to those with a verified Twitter account or 20,000 followers on Instagram. There’s even a security guard onsite to check out you’re legit. Which means that, basically, if you’re not an ‘influencer’, then you have to step aside and let the real talent through.

“We apologise for the inconvenience. See security staff for proof and access,” a sign next to the entrance of the ‘Private Mural’ reads. It also instructs users to tag the accounts @likeandsubscribe on Instagram and @likeandsubon Twitter.

Naturally, the exclusivity of the mural has sparked outrage online, with many people taking to Twitter to have their say. 

“That is just … just … so f**king mean/wrong/stupid/ugly. #SMH,” one user wrote. 

Some even compared the wall’s policy to Nosedive – an episode of Black Mirror which saw Bryce Dallas Howard’s character lose her apartment, job, friends and basic life privileges due to her dwindling social media followers.

The @likeandsub account acknowledged it was receiving backlash, even from those with the numbers to get in.

“Disappointing to see a few verified influencers getting upset about the mural. There is no reason to be mad! We created it specifically for you. Instead of the negativity, come down and take a great photo!” it tweeted this week. 

Being able to take a photo in front of the artwork, which was created by artist Colette Miller, will be for a limited time only. What happens next? Many are speculating a marketing gimmick, but we’ll find out on 9 July. 

If you’re on the hunt for more beautiful spots to snap (that don’t require you have a following of 20,000) then have a look here.

Images: Unsplash / Twitter 


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