The online trick helping people get a better night's sleep

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Susan Devaney
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As all troubled sleepers out there will already know, getting a good night’s sleep can, at times, feel impossible.

On nights like these, nothing – from tossing and turning, to flipping your pillow over for the millionth time – can help you to get some decent shut-eye.

But Stephen Fry’s instantly recognisable (and extremely soothing voice) might just be the answer to your sleeping woes.

Having teamed up with meditation app Calm, the TV presenter and actor has lent his soothing vocals to Blue Gold, a bedtime story for adults that aims to make you “fall asleep with 24 minutes”, according to the website.

Created to be used alongside their Sleep Mist, the scent and Fry’s soothing voice work together to take your tired brain to a lavender field in the south of France, before relaxing and easing you into the land of nod.

“The dreamy combination of storytelling, lavender, chamomile, frankincense and clary sage will make you feel as if you are resting in the world famous lavender fields of Provence,” say the makers of the app.

And it seems to be working so far, as plenty of people are singing its praises online. 

Is there anything Stephen Fry can’t do? 

You can download the app here.

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