This new Polaroid camera lets you print your GIFs

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Nicola Rachel Colyer
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When it comes to Harry Potter, our obsession knows no limits. We jump at the chance to get our hands on anything inspired by JK Rowling’s magical world, from cosy cushions to quill and ink eyeliner.

So when we caught wind of a new camera that ‘prints’ moving images, much like those lining the walls of Dumbledore’s office, we were pretty excited.

Thanks to Abhishek Singh, a Redditor who combined the trend for old-school instant photography with a dose of forward thinking, we could one day be propping up a moving photo of our own.

According to The Verge, Singh was inspired to create a device which would allow us to hold a GIF in our hand and what he came up with does not disappoint. 

Named the “Instagif”, the device is based on the Polaroid OneStep camera but with a notable difference; instead of printing a regular photo, it ejects a Polaroid-sized LCD that plays back a just-recorded GIF that is programmed to slowly fade in the way a Polaroid photo would.

Singh spent four weeks building the camera from scratch, creating a design for the camera which he then printed in 3D, The Verge reported. explains that the device works by recording a short video which it then transmits to the small screen which can be ejected. The screen then plays the clip on loop until you take another video.

Watch it in action below...

If you fancy testing out your muggle skills, Singh shared a step-by-step image guide to the process here and all of the code you need to build your own model here



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