This adorable couple wear matching outfits every single day

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From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (remember the denim, everybody?), there are plenty of famous couples who’ve made a name for themselves via their matching outfits.

But it’s hard to think of anyone who does it quite so well as Instagram’s Bon and Pon.

The Japanese couple have been married for 37 years – and the internet has fallen in love with their low-key photographs, their incredibly stylish outfits, and their chic silver hairstyles.

They created their Instagram account just three months ago, and have – so far – posted a mere 83 photographs, all of which are demure, classic, and utterly unaffected.

And the couple (aged 60 and 61 respectively) have already garnered over 80,000 followers as a result.

Their style – dubbed the “ultimate couple dressing goals” – features plenty of polka dots, gingham, tartan, funky accessories, pleated skirts, tailored cuts, and Peter Pan collars.

It’s also no secret that Bon and Pon prefer to stick to a minimalist colour palette of red, blue, grey, black, and white – with the occasional splash of khaki for good measure.

Instagram captions reveal that the fashionable couple tend to favour brands such as UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons, although they’re not adverse to rooting around the local charity shop for a bargain.

As long as their ensemble is cool, fun, and functional, they’re on board.

Bon and Pon tend to post with hashtags #whitehair, #silverhair and #over60 - reminding us all that fashion has no age limit.

And, when quizzed by the BBC as to why they like to dress the same, they had a very simple answer.

“It’s fun to wear matching clothes.”

Their Bonpon511 Instagram handle is believed to reference both their Christian names and the date they got married.

And fans can’t get enough of their picture-perfect posts.

“I love you two,” commented one. “Your love for each other shines so bright.”

Another added that Bon and Pon were “the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen”.

However, while there’s no denying that their clothes have captured our imaginations, it’s the duo’s sense of fun and friendship (they often share snapshots from their days out to David Bowie memorials and Miffy museums) that has truly won the hearts of Instagram users everywhere.

“You guys are such an inspiration,” wrote one. “I love it – you both have probably so much fun.”

“So amazing that you have been married for all these years,” added another. “What’s the secret to your happy relationships?”

So far, Bon and Pon have kept that particular piece of information to themselves. 

Images: Instagram


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