Do look down: the London floors with more Instagram followers than you

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Moya Crockett

In the smartphone era, we’re often reminded of the importance of looking up. Lift your gaze from your screen, we’re implored. Take in your surroundings; engage with the world!

Particularly in history-laden cities like London, where the architecture spans innumerable styles and eras, glancing skywards can be awe-inspiring. But there’s also magic to be found in looking down. No, not back down at your phone – at the ground beneath your feet.

German photographer Sebastian Erras captures the overlooked beauty of floors on his Instagram account @parisianfloors. But don’t be fooled by the name; Erras actually set up the account after a trip to Marrakech last May, and since then has filled his feed with the floors of Barcelona, Paris and Venice. And now, he’s brought his lens to London.

From monochrome art deco tiles in the Tate Britain to the beautiful mosaics found in a quiet north London park, the London Floors project has seen Erras share some of the capital's most incredible floors with his 90,000 followers. And needless to say, we're completely obsessed. 

Stanhope Gardens, Harringay

See the full London Floors project here, or follow Sebastian Erras on Instagram


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