Instagram’s brilliant new shopping feature is an absolute game changer

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If you’re a bit click-happy when it comes to online shopping, you might want to look away now. 

It’s not unusual to be inspired to part with your cash after flicking through your favourite accounts on Instagram; who doesn’t love seeing the latest trends on real women bloggers? 

Well, now the social media platform is going to help you get from photograph to shop with one small click. Say hello to the all-new Instagram @shop – an account curated by an editorial team at Instagram HQ which will feature fashion, beauty and home brands for you to browse and then buy. And it’s gone live today.

Eva Chen, Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships, told Business of Fashion the account will allow users to learn more about the stories behind the brands they shop from.

“I think most of us who love to shop like hearing about the background of a product because it makes you appreciate it more,” she said.

“Fundamentally on Instagram, whether you are a person or you’re a brand or you’re a publisher, people want to hear human stories.” 

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The move reflects a trend which is changing the way we shop. In Forbes list of ‘5 Trends That Will Redefine Retail in 2019’, they predicted more and more of us are beginning to shop with our emotions and will want to feel aligned with how brands present and position themselves.

And that’s translating to the brands Instagram thinks we want to see – take @zyneofficial, one of the first brands to make it onto the new account. 

Founded by two women (who also happen to be best friends), the company sells traditional Morrocan babouche-style house slippers handcrafted by a team of local artisans, many of whom are female.

This isn’t the first time the social media app has made a move that helps users shop. Back in March, the company introduced the checkout feature which lets a select group of brands sell their products on the platform. 

Starting today, Instagram will spotlight one brand a day on the account, telling followers a story about the founders and giving us a chance to discover people and businesses we haven’t come across before.

Get in losers, we’re going @shopping. 

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