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Let’s face it, we should be writing sonnets dedicated to Instagram. 

Since the photo-editing-slash-sharing app entered our lives, many of us have fully embraced sharing with both friends and complete strangers what we’re getting up to (with the handy help of several filters making us look like better photographers than we are, of course).

And as time has rolled by and brought the likes of ‘boomerang’ and ‘stories’ into our lives, we have eagerly awaited the development of any new features.

Now we’ve been blessed with a hilarious new upgrade to the video function – ‘superzoom’.


The feature will be less cute selfie, more double-chin comedy

Superzoom, which has been provided to aid all of your best dramatic comedy moments, does exactly what it says on the tin. 

The feature simply zooms on whatever you’re shooting at an unbearably close distance.

The videos can be posted to your feed, sent to friends via a direct message or added to your story.

You can even add dramatic music to the sequence for some extra fear or hilarity, depending on your vibe.

So, how exactly can we use it?


First of all, swipe into your Instagram camera.

Located at the bottom of the screen in bold white writing will be the superzoom feature, after the boomerang selection and before the rewind option.

Once it’s selected, it’s just as simple as pressing the pink and white circle above, and keeping your finger on it for the duration of the sequence. 

Et voila! Your video will be ready to upload for the scrutiny of your friends and fans.

In addition to the superzoom, the new update will also feature some divine Halloween face filters.

Whether you want to be a ghoul, zombie, vampire or simply an ominous cloud, it appears that the app has a feature for you.

But on a balance, we’re not exactly sure which of the two features will turn out to be more terrifying.

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