Interior design’s latest trend is all about the female form

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The female form is taking over the interior design world, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Here, you’ll find five of our most-wanted homewares inspired by women’s bodies – grab them before they go.

Boobs. Bums. Tummies. Hips. God, they’re glorious aren’t they? 

The female form has been a source of inspiration for centuries (and rightly bloody so), from ancient Greeks building statues of bare-nippled goddesses to painters of the Renaissance period depicting bountiful-hipped women like the infamous Venus in her shell. 

Since then fashions have changed, and society’s (very narrow) constitutions of what a woman’s body ‘should be’ have gotten in the way of celebrating it as we should. So although we can’t claim to be the next Sandro Botticelli, we’d like our homes to pay tribute to the beauty of bodies, all of them, with gorgeous decor, accessories and art. 

We’re not the only ones, either. We’ve seen some of the most influential brands in the business (think Liberty London and Matches Fashion) welcoming more interior design pieces with a particular focus on boobs and bums.

So, it’s time to get a handful for yourself and invest in something for your home that champions how truly magnificent us women and our jiggly bits are. 

  • Venus candlestick

    Liv and Dom are identical twins, ceramicists and illustrators based in southeast England who created very limited small runs of their functional sculptures, jewellery and prints.

    Everything they produce is supposed to be a celebration of women through the female gaze, from their tiny nude earrings which mimic great sculptors like Hepworth and Laurens to their range of naked lady incense burners. So much so, that their items feel like powerful symbols to have in your home. 

    Their designs sell out within hours, so unfortunately the candlestick pictured above is no more – but if you sign up to the newsletter you’ll be among the first to know when new pieces are about to launch. 

    Buy Venus candlestick at Liv & Dom, £65

  • Coven wallpaper

    Maison C is a wallpaper line – founded by artist Costanza Theodoli-Braschi and interior designer Chiara de Rege – which specialises in dreamlike illustrations, like the beautiful one pictured above.

    Called Coven, this wallpaper print seems to hold sisterhood in its heart and is carefully hand-drawn and painted by Theodoli-Braschi, making it very special indeed.

    We love this pale pink hue, but you can also get Coven in midnight blue, mahogany, cielo, apricot and forest.

    Shop Coven at Maison C, price upon request

  • Love Handles ceramic vase

    Anissa Kermiche is a computer science and engineering graduate turned jewellery designer whose cult following includes the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Lily James and Gigi Hadid, despite having created her brand only four years ago.

    First and foremost her designs honour the female form, but they also have a certain wit about them, too. 

    From her ‘jug jugs’ to the ‘love handles’ vase above, we adore how she plays with proportion and has made it chic to essentially have a brilliantly big bottom on your coffee table.

    Shop Love Handles ceramic vase by ANISSA KERMICHE at Matches Fashion, £340

  • Woman framed A5 print

    Frances Costello is a London-based artist and creative consultant, who after spending some time working at Bella Freud started her own brand, and absolutely hasn’t looked back. 

    She regularly works with Liberty London and Partnership Editions on exclusive pieces and is the name du jour to have in your home. 

    Her pieces get snapped up quickly, but we love the brooding quality of this monochrome A5 print.

    Shop woman framed A5 print by Frances Costello at Liberty London, £80

  • Female torso

    This naked female torso comes in three sizes, but in our opinion bigger is better.

    The base is engraved with a quote from Aristotle which reads, “beauty is the best reference” – and if there’s one thing this glorious sculpture is, it’s beautiful. 

    There’s a number of finishes and colours available, including acid green and metallic gold, so you can use this piece to make a real statement in your home. 

    Buy female torso medium at Sophia, £44

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Images: Courtesy of brands 

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