The best home renovation accounts to follow for DIY interiors inspiration

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If you’re making some home changes – on a tight budget– these are the Instagram accounts to look to. 

Spending more time in our homes has meant it’s all too easy to spot the jobs we may have been putting off for weeks, months or even years. Be it rented or owned, there are always home improvements that can be done. With this being said, budgets may be lower than usual right now so it’s all about looking for alternative options. Yes, scrolling on Pinterest may have lead you to the dream home – a copper stand alone bath, a kitchen with an island and furniture that instantly upgrades any room all included but we’ve found inspiration that’s perfect for right now. 

From complete knock down and start again jobs, to simple painting tricks and upcycling ideas: these home renovation accounts are worth a follow no matter your budget. they’ll also show you step-by-step (thanks to the handy highlight sections) how to do it yourself. 

Grab your tool box and have a go at these thrifty renovation ideas that won’t break the bank – you won’t be disappointed. 

Fish scale tiles

Interior style: @RebekahKilligrew is all about clean lines and modern patterns. 

Follow for: Home renovation inspiration from a woman with the most amazing eye for modern interior design. She walks her followers through every step of the way with progress pictures and detailed captions.   

Best DIY project: The bathroom she’s been tiling with a mixture of metro and fish scale tiles is timelessly brilliant. And her debate between grey and white grout has got me thinking about my own bathroom… 

Hand-painted terrazzo floor 

Interior style: @mishkashoe is all about Scandi meets boho chic.

Follow for: Daily interior inspiration, how tos from start to finish and the most amazing before and after transformation pictures. You’re bound to be inspired with ways to design your home. For the cat fans, keep an eye out for four kitties who make regular appearances. 

Best DIY project: There are so many but the hand painted terrazzo flooring and built-in display shelves (both shown in pic above) are a must-see. 

Using space brilliantly

Interior style: @plumbandcrumble enjoys a modern, clean line with a pop of colour (and bold prints we LOVE)

Follow for: The ultimate inspo for anyone looking to do up their house, and who wants to be challenged with amazing DIY ideas that really work.

Best DIY project: A fixed window seat that pulls out onto a day bed - see the IG post above for more details. 

Full house renovation 

Interior style: @theglowuphouse is taking on a full house renovation

Follow for: Inspiration if you’re planning on taking on a renovation of your own, because Juliet is showing the honest reality behind each step. The account information reads: “First time buyers living in and slowly renovating our Edwardian house in south London.” From inspiration boards to pictures of the property: it’s refreshing and inspiring.

Best DIY project: The whole house is being renovated so this is an interesting one for anyone interested in property, interiors and design to see flourish from beginning to end! 

Wallpaper splash-back 

Interior style: @onceupona1912 describes her style as “simple and affordable living”

Follow for: Ideas to transform your home using things you might well already have around the house. 

Best DIY project: Using wallpaper to update her back-splash in the kitchen is nothing short of impressive. See post above for more details. 

Upcycled IKEA rattan drawers

Interior style: @design_at_nineteen loves monochrome and pays attention to the small details.

Follow for: Ways to style high street and bargain accessories to make them look more luxe. Also, how to invest in great staple furniture and upcycle pieces to make them unique

Best DIY project: The IKEA drawers transformed with rattan webbing. You can see how these were created by checking out the ‘IKEA hack’ highlight on the page. 

Gold leaf kitchen walls

Interior style: @theoldpiggery_ is rustic with soft, modern finishing touches. 

Follow for: Sleek, modern ways to update an old property, copper details (you need to see the bath) and clever paint jobs.

Best DIY project: The stunning hand painted gold leaf kitchen wall. A simple how can be found in the ‘gold leaf’ highlight on Michaela’s page.

Being bold

Interior style: Aquilointeriors describes their style as eclectic maximalism 

Follow for: Now this one isn’t strictly DIY or renovation, but it was way too good to miss out from this list. Follow Aquilo Interiors for the most amazing use of colour and bold patterns throughout your home. 

Best DIY project: There is a promise of a DIY project on the IG account coming up, which is great news! For now, grab some citron velvet and try out bold colours. 

Recycling old pieces for new updates

Interior style: @jade.doutch created a homely space with boho details and an eye for cosy soft furnishings. 

Follow for: Affordable accessory updates from the likes of B&Q to TK Maxx that come together to create a chic space. For the minimalists there’s sleek plant pots and vases, for the maximalists you can enjoy the layered cushions and lashings of house plants.

Best DIY project: There are simple easy-to-copy DIY hacks you can find throughout. In the above shot Jade added a fake mantel by using an old floor board. 

Clever painting tricks

Interior style: @homebypolly’s Victorian house has been made into a cosy home with pops of pastel colours. 

Follow for: Quirky ideas to decorate the walls, cheaper alternatives to homeware you can buy online and painting tips and tricks to create unique designs. 

Best DIY project: Polly’s house has been updated with clever paint jobs – from spotty to split colour walls (see picture above) it makes a simple space have more character. 

Complete home renovation 

Interior style: @minimalhouseandhome is of course a minimalist’s dream.

Follow for: Hannah’s journey with her simple, aesthetically pleasing space will bring you sleek accessories, home hacks and DIY details. 

Best DIY project: You can see the whole house renovation in the highlights section. You can also find sleek handmade clay and texture prints to try out. 

Faux plant feature wall

Interior style: @lukearthurwells has a modern, sleek house with a hint of Nordic charm.

Follow for: Luke has mastered knowing where to place certain items to create Instagram-worthy areas. He also has the perfect house plant collection and cutest dogs. 

Best DIY project: The faux plant feature wall is a strong favourite along with the hand-painted panel wall which makes the dining area look premium for less.

Thrifty paint transformations

Interior style: @83renovation follows the journey of a maximalist, bright and bold home. 

Follow for: A pink tiled bathroom of dreams, luxe velvet furniture and punchy coloured details. You can also see the pictures from before it was renovated – it’s looks so different. 

Best DIY project: It’s the simple touches – the change of drawer knobs, the choice of paint colour or the positioning of affordable wall art that will fill you with home inspiration. 


Interior style: @rona_renovation knows how to nail that chic, paired back style.

Follow for: These guys are renovating from the ground up, so this is a seriously satisfying follow in terms of watching bare floorboards be ripped up and seeing this home slowly transform. Followers are also privy to the smallest decisions, such as which type of skirting board to go for, which we love.

Best DIY project: So far this couple are yet to complete one whole room, we we’re watching with bated breath as they decide on whether to go for seagrass carpets or wooden floor and which shade of paint they prefer.


Interior style: Olivia is renovating an ex-council London flat, being sure to preserve some of the original features like brickwork and window frames, while create a fresh, modern space with light, neutral tones and ‘spa-like’ details.

Follow for: Olivia takes her followers with her on every step of her journey, which means sharing tips, tricks and new brands that she discovers along the way. From trying out Lick Home, a paint brand only a few months old, to working out how to DIY wall panelling, we think she’s going to teach us a lot.

Best DIY project: We love how Olivia has taken the alcove in her living space from building site to a stylish fusion of old and new. The arch of bricks adds an edge of character, while the airy feeling of the rest of the room is relaxing and calm.


Interior style: loves ticking off some off interior design trends like patterned floor tiles and a velvet sofa, combined with slightly more adventurous looks like a dark ceiling or upcycled furniture. Everything she does feels feminine but sleek, and ultimately incredibly stylish.

Follow for: We love that Negi experiments with colour and gets her hands dirty trying out lots of different paints. Her dark pink bedroom ceiling is a thing to behold, as is the inky black hue she has painted her wardrobe, too.

Best DIY project: Again, her bedroom gets a shout out from us. You can see in her before and after shots that her and her partner’s bedroom has been transformed from outdated and cluttered to a deep midnight blue, and now a plethora of nude pinks and covetable wooden furniture. 


Interior style: colourconfident loves adorning her walls with everything bright and beautiful, from bold colours, murals, hangings and frames. She’s a true maximalist, believing that more is more.

Follow for: Wall murals are her thing, ranging from a botanical inspired pattern leading up her stairs to her paint-splodged porch. She also gives great advice on how to create your own mural, which is really helpful.

Best DIY project: Naomi’s bedroom walls are sensational. They are dip dyed deep blue and decorated with a striking, monochrome picture wall, which she tells her followers all about on her grid. 

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Opening image: @mishkashoe

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