6 winter interiors trends to add instant warmth to your home

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Helen Booth
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From fairy lights to winter greenery, there are a number of easy ways to increase the comfort levels at home when the temperature drops. Even better, these ideas are suitable for keeping up all the way through to spring.

Fireplace fairy lights

Non-working fireplaces can be tricky spaces to decorate: too eye-catching to ignore, yet tough to truly brighten up with anything other than a real, log-burning fire. In the summer, fireplaces and hearths are a great place to display plants and flowers, but during winter they can still feel cold if they’re not producing a source of light. When the nights close in, try filling them with a stack of logs and a tangle of fairy lights – while it won’t keep you warm, it will produce light and create the illusion of glowing embers in a softly dying fire.

Layered textiles

Instead of hiding your favourite blankets in a cupboard, put them all on display – on your bed, draped across the sofa, on your favourite armchair – where they will be easier to grab when you need them. Pile up cushions like you’re preparing for a pillow fort and experiment with layering rugs for a cosier underfoot experience. Don’t be afraid to mix different colours, textiles and patterns – a relaxed, thrown together look fits perfectly with the current trend for bohemian interiors.

A snug reading nook

Everyone needs a cosy corner to curl up with their favourite book. All you require is a bookcase (or stack of paperbacks) to make sure that your next read is always close to hand, and a cosy armchair or sofa corner, soft lighting and an easy-to-reach table where you can place your cup of tea. Again, blankets will come in handy in case it gets chilly – so make sure you have one nearby.

Candles in jars, lanterns and terrariums

While we love a luxurious scented candle, sometimes a tealight or pillar candle placed in a clear glass holder is all you need to create an irresistible feeling of warmth and calm on a dark winter evening. This trend is affordable, too – a few empty jam jars are a great place to start. To create a bit of variety, you could add a couple of lanterns or terrariums into the mix, or tie a sprig of your favourite herb around the outside for a hint of scent.

Winter greenery

Even when the temperature drops below zero, you can still indulge your millennial love of house plants. Fill vases with eucalyptus stems (which have the added bonus of smelling amazing, too), or decorate neglected surfaces with a few branches of winterberries in a jug. Potted plants are still relevant too – the leafy pelargonium tomentosum will scent your home with a minty geranium perfume, while the asparagus fern fairs especially well in darker corners.

Cosy outdoor spaces

While spending evenings outside might seem like a recipe for pneumonia in the winter months, it’s not such an endurance test if you have a fire pit, some blankets and a freshly brewed mug of hot chocolate or the ingredients for s’mores. And while we love spending time indoors during the winter, you can’t beat a life-affirming spot of stargazing on a clear winter night.

Main image: Timothy Buck