Is this the laziest desk in the world? 'Napping' computer screen lets you work lying down

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Tearing ourselves from our beds to get to the office on a cold winter's morning is getting more and more difficult - but a new invention makes the whole painful transition void.

The Super Gorone Desk is the brainchild of Japan's top gadget makers and is a collapsible frame that allows you to elevate your laptop to any position you like. 

Lazy-minded folk can make use of the fully flexible design to lower a laptop in front of them while lying down in bed.

Instead of you coming to the screen, the screen comes to you, meaning you can work from the warm comfort of your duvet at any time of day (in theory at least, although you may have a hard time convincing your boss). 

Japan Trend Shop is selling the frames for US$119 (£78) a pop. The price includes a USB-powered fan and space to fit laptops or notebooks of up to 20mm thickness. The only hitch is instructions are in Japanese but it's apparently "easy to construct and use".

Like all great inventions, it's both potentially genius and dangerous. We think if we had the option to work without our heads leaving the pillow, we might never leave our beds again...

Take a look at the demo video, below. 

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