Is this the ultimate queen of ice cream flavours?

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Did you know that ice cream taster actually exists as a job?

And what’s more, this unreal-sounding “sensory analyst” role involves inventing flavours for the sweet stuff.

But, much as we’d like to dedicate our life’s work to sampling different kinds of creamy goodness, we don’t need a pro to conjure up an incredible new variety of ice-cream.

Because a supply teacher from Wales has just come up with what must surely rank as one of the world’s greatest ice cream flavours.

Kelly Evans won a contest by the beachfront Café Remos in Aberavon to design a new type of ice cream.

Her triumphant concoction, Red Velvet Biscotti Dream, features notes of red velvet and cream cheese mascarpone cut through with generous chunks of home-baked dark chocolate Biscotti.

It’s finished with a drizzling of chocolatey stracciatella sauce.

“I liked Kelly’s entry because it was colourful, and I’d never seen never seen red velvet cake turned into an ice cream before - so it was completely original,” owner Tony DiFrancesco tells Wales Online. “I also liked idea of biscotti in it – I made the biscotti myself.”

“I wanted to create a unique flavour combination, and I knew that red velvet was an on-trend flavour,” says Kelly.

“I also wanted to incorporate a number of elements into the overall ice cream flavour design - specifically dark chocolate and biscotti to ensure that it had a combination of both flavours and textures.”

Unsurprisingly, the new flavour has turned out to be a smash hit with customers.

Where do we put in our order?

Images: iStock and Twitter/Cafe Remos


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