JK Rowling's video game confession has sparked a full-scale Twitter frenzy

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There are so many reasons to love J K Rowling, be it her ruthlessness at dealing with sexist online trolls, her support of minority groups, her Twitter slaying skills and, oh, creating Harry Potter (aka one of the most successful literary series of all time).

Above all else, though, we love that Rowling has always remained super-relatable to her fans, eschewing the status of ‘celebrity’ on multiple occasions. And what better way to show that she shares the same guilty pleasures as muggles everywhere than by revealing that she’s a self-confessed gamer.

And not just any old game, either: she’s obsessed with everyone’s favourite cult-classic, The Sims. 

That’s right, the 93rd most powerful woman in the world loves geeking out over her Sims characters just as much as the rest of us – and the internet is, as you can imagine, loving this revelation.

It all kicked off when the author tweeted out to her 11.7 million followers with news that she would be replacing her “glitchy old laptop” with “broken keys” for a new one.

In the post, Rowling included two pictures of a slightly worse-for-wear and sticker strewn MacBook.

After opening the images full size, eagle-eyed fans spotted The Sims green diamond icon on the taskbar of the Rowling’s laptop – and have since been sharing their excitement over the revelation on social media.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, many couldn’t wait to ask Rowling for every little thought she has about the game.

One user asked, “?  you play sims?”, while another surmised a correlation between the two fantasy worlds, writing, “Of course she plays sims – where do you think she got the idea for magical people from?”

Meanwhile, some people have begun re-imagining Harry Potter book titles using classic Sims situations as inspiration, with hilarious results.

But our official highlight has to be the GIF posted by the official The Sims Twitter account, showing a suspiciously Hogwarts-looking alternative Sims reality.  

A Harry Potter and The Sims collaboration? Now that would be pretty magical. 

Images: Rex / Twitter


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