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Best jigsaw puzzles for adults: 22 stylish jigsaws to keep you busy at home

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Jigsaw puzzles are the latest retro hobby keeping us busy during lockdown – here are 22 of the best puzzles for adults to shop now.

If you thought jigsaw puzzles were an activity strictly reserved for children and retired adults, you’d be mistaken.

In lockdown, the country has gone puzzle mad. According to The Guardian, puzzle sales reached £100m in 2020 (a rise of 38% compared to the previous year), with more puzzles being bought for adults than children.

Gone are the days when puzzles were limited to Disney princesses and watercolour paintings of the countryside – nowadays, there are thousands of on-trend patterns and prints to choose from, from inspirational quotes to illustrations from our favourite artists.

And with lockdown restrictions set to last for a little while longer, there’s never been a better time to pick up this retro hobby. 

Not only is it a great way to pass the time while you’re stuck indoors, but the methodical nature of puzzle-solving makes it a great way to practice mindfulness and distract yourself from any feelings of stress and anxiety you might be experiencing because of the pandemic.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this edit of the coolest adult jigsaw puzzles available to buy now to get you started, from 500-piece beginners puzzles to the more challenging ones with 1000-pieces+.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, there’s something for everyone on this list – happy browsing!

Here is our edit of the best jigsaw puzzles for adults in 2021.

  • Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party 500pc Puzzle

    Rifle Paper Co jigsaw puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Rifle Paper Co.

    If you haven’t heard of Rifle Paper Co before, now’s the time to take a look. Alongside its growing collection of beautiful notebooks, stationery and homeware, the brand has also released a collection of jigsaw puzzles featuring some of its most popular designs.

    We love the bright colours and bold shapes of this ‘Garden Party’ puzzle.

    Shop Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Puzzle at The Paper Parlour, £35

  • Hebe Studio x Puzzle Co Lotus Gate 1000pc Puzzle

    Lotus Gate puzzle from Hebe Studio and Puzzle Co
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Hebe Studio x Puzzle Co.

    Featuring a full-colour illustration inspired by the famous Lotus Gate in Jaipur, India, this puzzle made by Puzzle Co in collaboration with Hebe Studio is seriously stunning.

    Although the company that makes these puzzles is based in Peru, the products in this collaboration will be shipping from the UK. Each one comes with a drawstring bag to keep the pieces safe, and you can add a puzzle glue sheet to your order if you want to frame the final result. 

    Shop Lotus Gate Puzzle at Hebe Studio, £48

  • Emma J Shipley Zambezi 1000pc Puzzle

    Emma J Shipley
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Emma J Shipley.

    Not only is this puzzle from designer Emma J Shipley beautiful to look at, but its dark colours and mesmerising details are sure to give any potential solver a satisfying challenge. 

    Made from sustainable materials and printed here in the UK, this puzzle is sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

    Shop Zambezi Puzzle at Emma J Shipley, £25

  • Rejig The Dipa 1000pc Puzzle

    Rejig The Dipa puzzle box
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Rejig.

    With its abstract shapes and bold colours, this jigsaw from contemporary puzzle brand Rejig ticks all the boxes.

    It’s 1000-piece size means it’ll provide hours of entertainment – and when you’re done, you can store it in Rejig’s quote-emblazoned drawstring bag which comes with every purchase. 

    Shop The Dipa Puzzle at Rejig, £30

  • Always Personal Impossible 150pc Puzzle

    Always Personal impossible clear jigsaw puzzle for adults
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Always Personal.

    If you’re in the mood for a real challenge (and we mean it), this one-of-a-kind clear acrylic puzzle from Always Personal is sure to stump even the most experienced puzzlers. We’ve opted for the 150pc version, but you can choose how many pieces depending on how difficult you want it to be.

    They even have a Valentine’s version (it’s shaped like a heart) for an unorthodox date night activity.

    Shop Impossible Puzzle at Always Personal, £14.95

  • Piece & Quiet Nature Of The City 500pc Puzzle

    Piece & Quiet puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Piece & Quiet.

    The warm, mellowed tones in this illustration by artist Sophie Charnley make for a puzzle experience which is seriously relaxing. Inspired by London’s royal parks, this puzzle from Piece & Quiet is bursting with detail, from friends enjoying a glass of wine to ducks on the pond.

    Each Piece & Quiet puzzle also comes with its own reusable puzzle pouch and tube, so you can store it safely between uses. 

    Shop Nature Of The City Puzzle at Piece & Quiet, £22.99

  • Jiggysaw Lady Bloom 500pc Puzzle

    Jiggysaw Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Jiggysaw.

    Featuring an illustration from artist Katie Smith, this puzzle from Jiggysaw would make an eye-catching addition to any puzzle lovers’ collection.

    Frame it for safekeeping or store it in its eco-friendly, illustrated tin – the choice is yours! 

    Shop Lady Bloom Puzzle at Jiggysaw, £19

  • Galison Plant Shelfie 1000pc Puzzle

    Galison Plant Shelfie Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Galison.

    One for all the plant lovers out there, this plant shelfie puzzle from Galison is as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun to complete.

    We think this one would look particularly good as a piece of wall art – pop it in a frame once you’ve finished so you can enjoy it forever.  

    Shop Galison Plant Shelfie Puzzle at George’s Whitstable, £14

  • Brecht Vandenbrouche The Dream Of Surrealism 1000pc Puzzle

    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Brecht Vandenbrouche.
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Brecht Vandenbrouche.

    Illustrated by cartoonist Brecht Vandenbrouche, this puzzle is an adventure through the worlds of the artists, muses and poets who forged the surrealist movement.

    Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this piece of art history, however – the puzzle comes with information about the various art works and motifs featured, so you can learn while you puzzle.

    Shop Brecht Vandenbrouche The Dream Of Surrealism Puzzle at Wordery, £14.46

  • Talking Tables Pick Me Up Cat 500pc Puzzle

    Talking Tables cat puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Talking Tables.

    One for the cat lovers out there, this 500pc puzzle from Talking Tables is perfect for picking up when you’re feeling bored during lockdown.

    The bright colours and adorable illustrations make this puzzle a joy to look at, too.

    Shop Pick Me Up Cat Puzzle at Talking Tables, £16 

  • Printworks Night 500pc Puzzle

    Printworks Night Puzzle for Adults
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Printworks.

    If you’re looking for a real challenge, look no further than this puzzle from Printworks, which is inspired by the sky at night.

    With very few identifying features to focus on, this puzzle requires you to look closely at the different colours to construct the subtle gradient.

    Shop Printworks Night Puzzle at Liberty London, £22

  • Piecemeal Puzzles California Nights 500pc Puzzle

    Piecemeal Puzzles California Nights
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Piecemeal Puzzles.

    Enjoy the relaxing hues of the Californian desert with this eye-catching print puzzle from Piecemeal Puzzles. Comprised of various different colours, gradients and patterns, this is the perfect puzzle for those who enjoy a challenge.

    Not only are they great to look at, but each of Piecemeal’s puzzles come presented in a keepsake box and drawstring bag, so you can enjoy them time and time again.

    Shop California Nights Puzzle at Piecemeal Puzzles, £27

  • Essential Workers 1000pc Puzzle

    Essential Workers Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Essential Workers.

    This colourful puzzle celebrates the efforts of key workers during the pandemic, so you can stay home and do your bit while remembering those on the frontline.

    This puzzle was designed as part of a charity appeal for the CDC Foundation in the US (the royalties from the puzzle are going to them), but George’s Whitstable is also donating £2 from each purchase to NHS Charities Together, so you can support those working hard at home, too. 

    Shop Essential Workers Puzzle at George’s Whitstable, £15.50

  • Prints In Pieces Flow With It 500pc Puzzle

    Prints In Pieces Flow With It Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Prints In Pieces.

    Each of Prints In Pieces puzzles feature an illustration from a different independent artist, so you can display the completed product as a piece of art once you’re done.

    We love the relaxing vibe of this yoga-themed print from artist Yani Putri.  

    Shop Flow With It Puzzle at Prints In Pieces, £32

  • Jiggy Portrait 091 800pc Puzzle

    Jiggy puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Jiggy.

    The price point on this puzzle from uber-cool brand Jiggy may seem pretty high but wait until you hear what’s included.

    Not only does the box contain an 800pc puzzle featuring a mesmerising design by Jamaican designer Natasha Cunningham, but it also comes with a tube of puzzle glue and a straight-edge tool to spread the glue, so you can seal the puzzle and display it as a piece of art once you’re finished.

    Shop Jiggy Portrait 091 Puzzle at Selfridges, £50

  • Pieces Of The Puzzle Lucy In The Sky 1000pc Puzzle

    Lucy In The Sky Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Pieces Of The Puzzle.

    This contemporary surrealist print puzzle from Pieces Of The Puzzle is giving us some seriously relaxing vibes.

    Designed to help you get away from the stress of work and enjoy a digital detox, this puzzle is the perfect escape for people looking for a new way to unwind. 

    Shop Pieces Of The Puzzle Lucy In The Sky Puzzle at Not On The High Street, £35

  • Print Club London x Luckies Courage Is Within 500pc Puzzle

    Print Club London x Luckies Jigsaw Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Print Club London x Luckies.

    Designed by Luckies in collaboration with Print Club London and artist Jacqueline Colley, this 500 piece puzzle is high on our wish list.

    We love the contrasting colours and bold typeface which make this print so eye-catching. 

    Shop Courage Is Within Puzzle at Luckies, £17.95

  • Piecework Champagne Problems 500pc Puzzle

    Piecework puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Piecework.

    As one of the first brands to make ‘nice looking’ puzzles, we couldn’t conclude this round-up without featuring something from Piecework.

    Created with relaxation in mind, each of Piecework’s puzzles are designed to help you slow down and switch off – great for when you’re feeling frazzled after a day of working from home.

    Shop Piecework Champagne Problems Puzzle at Fortnum & Mason, £45

  • Rest In Pieces Pantone Colour Palette 1000pc Puzzle

    Rest In Pieces puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Rest In Pieces.

    If you’re looking for a challenge, then this Pantone colour palette puzzle from Rest In Pieces is the one for you.

    With its vibrant hi-res imagery and unusual round shape, this puzzle is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

    Shop Pantone Colour Palette Puzzle at Rest In Pieces, £19.99 (was £29.99)

  • Typo Flower Power 1000pc Puzzle

    Typo jigsaw puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Typo.

    Not ready to splash lots of cash on a super-fancy puzzle? This ‘flower power’ one from stationery brand Typo is not only affordable, but it’s also pretty cute.

    Plus, if you don’t fancy this design, Typo have a whole range of 1000pc puzzles waiting for you to peruse.

    Shop Flower Power Puzzle at Typo, £8.40 (was £12)

  • Galison Herstory Museum 1000pc Puzzle

    Herstory Museum Puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Galison.

    Get to know some of the most iconic women in history with this feminist puzzle from Galison.

    Featuring a beautiful illustration from Ana San Jose with frames gilded by gold foil, the box comes with a key to help you identify all of the incredible women depicted in the scene.

    Shop Galison Herstory Museum Puzzle at Oliver Bonas, £15.99

  • Jonathan Adler 750pc Rainbow Puzzle

    Jonathan Adler jigsaw puzzle
    Best adult jigsaw puzzles: Jonathan Adler.

    Jonathan Adler is known for his standout, colourful designs, and this luxury puzzle is no exception.

    Packaged in a chic storage box and adorned with bold colours, tackling this puzzle is the perfect way to brighten a dark lockdown evening.

    Shop Rainbow Puzzle at Jonathan Adler, £35

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