People think this is the new John Lewis Christmas advert

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Susan Devaney
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Could this be the new John Lewis Christmas advert for 2017? 

The release of UK retailers’ annual festive TV adverts now heralds the start of Christmas for many. From heart-warming tales of teddy bears to lovable dogs on trampolines, each and every year we anticipate what the next advert will bring, and if it will pluck at our heartstrings and win us over once again.

Which is why a mysterious five-second clip released on Twitter this morning has sent social media users into a bit of frenzy.

The clip, which features the eyes of a rather cute furry-looking animal, was shared by the Twitter account @UnderTheBed2017 and urged followers to retweet with the hashtag #UnderTheBed.

Many social media users believe it’s a teaser from the John Lewis advert as the hashtag that appears at the bottom of the screen uses the same font the store has used in its previous adverts. 

The account shortly followed up with another five-second clip of the same furry-looking animal moving around in the dark. 

Social media users have already started to speculate about the possible storyline of the advert. 

Last year, a 10-second clip with posted by the Twitter account @Bouncing2016, urging social media users to share the hashtag #BounceBounce. Days later, the clip was revealed to be part of John Lewis’ advert featuring the lovable Buster the Boxer jumping on a trampoline.

Bye Buster the Boxer; hello to the new star of the show.

Images: @UnderTheBed2017