Here's how this Friday’s Strawberry Full Moon could affect you

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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Whatever your thoughts on astrology may be, chances are you know what your star sign is and that you’ve read your horoscope at least once or twice before.

Even if you don’t subscribe to the idea that celestial objects can have an influence over your life, you will definitely have noticed when there’s a full moon hanging in the sky – and you may even have found your moods and actions affected by it.

After all, the influence of the lunar calendar is something that astrologers have been studying for centuries, and there’s something undeniably fascinating about the idea that the rotating positions of the moon, earth and sun could have an impact on our lives.

With this in mind, we spoke to Moonologist Yasmin Boland to find out what we can expect from this month’s full moon, known as the Strawberry Full Moon or Strong Sun Moon, which will be reaching its peak this Friday.

Here, she talks us through the impression it might have on our lives, as well as explaining what we can expect from the sky’s monthly full moons in general.

How will Friday’s Strawberry Full Moon affect us?

“This Friday's Strawberry Full Moon has lessons to teach us about replacing fear with faith.

The Strawberry Moon is so called because it's the time when strawberries start to appear, ready for our summer feasts. This year it’s in the sign of Sagittarius and is taking place near the planet of karma, Saturn. This suggests there are a lot of lessons for all of us to learn now. 

One important thing to do at the annual Sagittarius Moon is to make sure there's a balance between listening and learning. Are you talking too much? Time to listen and learn if someone has something wise to teach you.

The full moon in Sagittarius can also bring about a turning point, wherever you find this sign in your chart. 

If you know you've been taking life too seriously, it's time to lighten up.”

How can Full Moons in general impact our lives?

“The monthly full moon is a time when emotions come to the surface. If you want to live consciously, use the heightened lunar energies at this time. 

Tap into your emotions and see what "stuff" is coming up for you. 

Anger? Fear? That's what you need to work on now. It's also a time to make peace with the past. 

Casting your emotional baggage overboard now frees you up to more easily manifest your future. 

The way to do this is a full moon forgiveness practice. Think of who you need to forgive and let stuff go. If you want help releasing the past, visit my website here.”

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