Karren Brady shuts down contestant who remarks men buy from 'attractive' women

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Jasmine Andersson
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Badass of the boardroom Karren Brady has been praised for criticising a contestant who said that women need to “look attractive” in order to sell products in the latest series of The Apprentice.

Yes, you read it correctly. In a bid for her team to triumph in a blaze of glory in the boardroom, contestant Siobhan Smith advised her fellow women to use their looks to sell burgers in the financial district.

But fortunately — for it is 2017, after all — Brady decided that she should call out the wedding planner to see exactly what she meant by the remarks.

Siobhan Smith (right) was swiftly put into place

“Our customers in Canary Wharf are gonna be male-dominated so it’s something you need to take into consideration when you choose who you want to be selling the burgers, so it’s gotta be attractive to him as well to want to buy it,” said Smith.

“What do you mean about attractive?” asked Brady.

Forced to rethink her words, Smith struggled to find an appropriate response.

"We have to think… they have to be good at selling and they have to be good to sell to men," she said.

"I'm just saying that if you're shy in dealing with men, it's going to be a problem. None of you strike me as shy," quipped Brady.

The Twitterverse joined in to back the business magnate, because, naturally, casual sexism ages worse than mouldy Stilton. 

Karren Brady took no prisoners in the episode

But clearly, lessons were learned as the women’s team, Graphene, triumphed with a profit.

Karren Brady 1, internalised misogyny nil.

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