Keanu Reeves is an internet hero thanks to his “hands-off” photos with women

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Keanu Reeves

Toy Story 4 actor Keanu Reeves is the internet’s favourite hero right now, after refusing to touch women while posing with them in photographs. 

Keanu Reeves is having a moment, and we’re here for it. For starters, he stars in the highly-anticipated Toy Story 4 and hit Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe. Also, we recently discovered that out of all the male actors currently working in Hollywood, Reeves is the one who has worked with the most female directors. And, on a personal note, he was my teen crush Neo in The Matrix. So there you go. 

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Now, Reeves has given us another reason to salute him for being the feminist male actor that Hollywood needs right now. Recent photos of him posing with women show that he is respectful of their personal space and comfort. He appears to wrap his arm around each woman in the shots but, actually, look closely and you’ll see that he doesn’t have any bodily contact with them. Instead, his arm just sort of lingers in the air while he looks at the camera. He does this with fans and fellow high profile starts alike, including Dolly Parton.

Let’s take a look.

The internet has, of course, gone wild for the photos.

“Just a thought… perhaps Keanu recognised that not one of these women gave him their consent to touch him and I don’t know, he respected their bodily autonomy. Keanu showing everyone how to be respectful might be a potential takeaway as well. This is just a thought though,” wrote one Twitter user. 

“So I didn’t really care for Keanu Reeves but then I saw a bunch of pictures of him with women and he has his arm around them but isn’t actually touching them and keeps his hands off their waists and now he’s my baby,” wrote another.

“Keanu is a hug consent idol,” a third succinctly concluded. 

Speaking about his Keanu-aissance, Reeve’s told People magazine earlier this week: “That’s, uh, that’s wacky. Well, the positivity’s great.”

He went on to reflect on his recent work, saying: “It’s really special how John Wick was embraced, and working on Always Be My Maybe, great, you know. Ali Wong and Randall Park [are] just really wonderful artists and people, and it was really cool to get a chance to play with them.”

Continuing to chat about his Toy Story 4 character Duke Caboom, he added: “The character’s so full of life. He’s a showman, he’s a daredevil. So when he’s on the bike, I was just — like, he keeps doing poses, you know, and he can’t stop. They put it into the film, so it was nice.”

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