7 chilling plot twists to expect from season 2 of Killing Eve

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Sandra Oh in Killing Eve

Everyone’s favourite assassin and analyst duo are back for round two. Here’s what we know is going to happen.

It’s not uncommon for the second season of a beloved, hit television show to pale in comparison to its first.

They call it the ‘sophomore slump’, and it happens all too frequently. It’s hard work, this television business. Lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice.

Except for when it comes to Killing Eve. The second season of the hit BBC America show has just premiered in the US and, don’t worry, everything you loved about the first season is back and, on occasion, even better in season two. Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge has handed the reins over to Emerald Fennell, who has managed to maintain the show’s same twisted comedic tone as well as infusing it with a fresh kick of her own. 

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From what we have seen so far, and from interviews with cast and crew, here is what you can expect from season two of Killing Eve.

Warning: We’ve tried to stay pretty spoiler free in this article. But if you want to go into the second season of Killing Eve absolutely blind, now is your chance to click out and save yourself from reading something you don’t want to read. All the spoiling is going to happen below. 

New colleagues for Eve

Sandra Oh in Killing eve
Best box sets ever: Killing Eve             

Without giving too much away, Eve (Sandra Oh) finds her way back into the employ of the secret service pretty early on in season two. And with this job comes new colleagues. There’s a sassy pathologist whose one-liners are legendary. (“Forgive the smell,” she says. “He has been the tiniest bit exhumed.”) And then there’s Jess (Nina Sosanya), running point on Eve’s new investigation and running circles around token posh boy Hugo (Edward Bluemel). 

It’s nice to have new sparring partners for Eve, but we do miss Elena (Kirby Howell-Baptiste). Never fear, though, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) is back with all her usual razor-sharp humour and so is Kenny (Sean Delaney), adorable as ever. 

New antagonists for Villanelle

After stab-gate in season one, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is consumed with a desire to get back to Eve. The pair are locked in a cat-and-mouse game, and Villanelle is convinced that by stabbing her Eve proved to her just how much she really loves her.

But as the season unfolds, Villanelle will learn that she has a couple of other fish to fry, too. There’s a new assassin running around town killing people, which diverts everyone – including Eve’s – attention away from her. “Suddenly there’s someone between them for the first time,” Fennell said at a press conference. And Villanelle has a new handler, too. (She shot Konstantin last season, remember?) 

What happened to Konstantin, anyway?

Did he die from the gunshot wound? Or did he make it out alive? The early episodes of the show are going to answer that question definitively. And that’s all we’re going to say on that subject.

Villanelle is injured, but she’s still the same old Villanelle

The Villanelle we see in the early moments of the second season is a very different Villanelle from season one, sure. She’s grievously injured and has lost quite a few of her sharpest faculties. She’s in recovery, basically, and it takes her a really long time to get back to normal.

She might be weak, but she hasn’t had a personality transplant. Pay close attention to Villanelle in the first episode, because just when you start to sympathise with her, she – quite literally – snaps you back to reality. You can stab a psychopathic assassin in the stomach but she’ll still be the same old psychopathic assassin she always was when she recovers. 

The fashion game isn’t as strong

We’ve seen the trailer footage and we know that Villanelle gets to wear plenty of gorgeous outfits towards the end of the second season, but in the first episode Villanelle is clad in the ultra-glam high fashion look of… a pair of boy’s cartoon pyjamas. In the second episode she wears a mustard yellow T-shirt and a knobbly rainbow cardigan and, later, an old woman’s nightgown.

Villanelle is fighting for her life, so the hodge podge outfits are only natural. But it pains her so, to be forced to dress this mundanely. In one scene, Villanelle is confronted with an option: slip into a pair of crusty old Crocs in order to escape or stay put. With a pained expression on her face – more pain than she exhibited when she was stabbed – Villanelle slips her feet into the Crocs. Staying alive is more important than looking chic, in this instance. 

Lipstick is going to be important

“You’ll never put on makeup the same way again,” Fennell told Entertainment Weekly. Sounds a bit like lipstick might be Villanelle’s new weapon of choice. 

There might be another season after this one

“The genius thing of Jodie and Sandra and Phoebe creation is that you could watch these women do anything,” Fennell told Entertainment Weekly. “So actually, in a way, it can go on as long as they wanted to – or the characters do. Of course, we think about it a lot, but there’s a way to go yet.”

Killing Eve airs on BBC America now in the US and on BBC in the UK later this year. 

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