Lena Dunham explains why she will always wear the ring her ex-boyfriend gave her

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Earlier this week, Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff confirmed that, after five years of dating, they have decided to end their relationship.

The former couple announced their decision via an official statement to E! News. Last night, though, Lena Dunham took to Instagram Live and shared her feelings on becoming single and how she feels our society can be emotionally restrictive – particularly with regards to break-ups.

Referring to a ring that Antonoff had given her during their relationship, Dunham said: “I’m wearing this ring that Jack gave me and I’ll always wear it, because love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing and it doesn’t have to be defined the way we in Western culture define it as beginnings and ends.”

Seeming to speak philosophically about the relationship, Dunham dispelled the usual sentiments of finality that come with a break-up, saying: “Things can be ‘you’re a drop of water and you re-enter the ocean.’”

She continued to thank her followers, saying: “Anyway, I really love you all and I’m really thankful for the support, really thankful for the love.”

Lena and Jack in February 2017

Dunham also shared a self-affirming post on her Instagram account yesterday, which read: “Starting over is the beautiful moment where you choose yourself”. 

Alongside it she wrote a caption stating, “forever love”. 

Although she has not confirmed whether the positive quote is referring to her recent break-up, her fans seem to think it is, with many taking to the image to share supportive comments.

One follower wrote, “I’m so sorry to hear about You and Jack. May the healing process begin.”

While another, who seemed to have listened to Dunham’s Instagram live, agreed that love cannot be quantified and should be felt however works for the individual, writing, “As you said, love is much more than what western culture dictates. I hope you evolve into the next thing that’s waiting for you. I wish that your love feelings (for this or for any romantic partner) would stay with you forever, probably in different forms or shapes, as you keep growing and changing.”

Break-ups are never easy and it isn’t for anyone else to determine how we deal with them. Dunham’s positive approach seems to be working for her and we couldn’t be more here for the idea of choosing yourself to get over a relationship that didn’t work out. 

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