This Gen X woman's incredible advice to millennials has gone viral on Twitter

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Ah, millennials.

Born between the eighties and nineties, there’s no denying that we mythical creatures are the world’s most maligned generation. Everyone is always poking fun at us over selfies, dating apps, social media presence, flat whites, hot yoga classes, and avocado toast addiction. The world is obsessed with our so-called woeful wages, inability to get on the property ladder, and lacklustre sex lives. And don’t even get us started on all of those mean-spirited comments about anxiety, gender fluidity, and the like.

But you know what? All of this millennial-bashing is… well, it’s just so basic. Which is why we were so moved when writer Tangela Ekhoff took to Twitter to pen an inspiring message for young people everywhere.

“Dear millennials,” she begins. “I’m a black female Gen X lady – old enough to be your damn mama.

“[And] I have a little advice...”

What follows is one of the most uplifting, thought-provoking, and beautiful Twitter threads we have ever seen.

“Eat the avocado toast,” insists Ekhoff, clearly referencing those nonsensical claims that millennials would be able to afford to get on the property ladder f not for their expensive brunch habits

She continues: “Travel to new places. Go back to school. Never, ever listen to people who envy your youth and freedom.

“It's a big world out there waiting for you to explore it. Home ownership is great, but it ain't all that.”

Next, Ekhoff turns to the important subject of family – and, of course, the wonderful friends in our lives that feel like family.

“As my years advance, and mortality stares me in the face, I can say that EXPERIENCES, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY – either biologically, or through your own choice – is all that matters.”

She goes on to suggest that life shouldn’t be about materialistic things: it should be about the incredible experiences we make along the way.

“Go. Do. Be,” she says soothingly. “Your life should be about the verbs.”

Ekhoff also makes sure to address those who criticise millennials on a daily basis, reminding everyone on social media that those catty comments tend to come from a place of misunderstanding and jealousy.

“Most of the folk who make money writing about you don't understand you,” she says. “They envy you. The menfolk especially.”

As if all that weren’t enough to have you feeling ready to take on anyone and anything, Ekhoff made sure to finish her pep talk on a suitably inspiring note.

“Go live your lives,” she pleads. “[And] make choices that work for you.

“The only thing you will ever regret not owning is your happiness.”

Unsurprisingly, Ekhoff’s words struck a chord with many people – and her Twitter thread has since gone viral (the first post alone has been retweeted almost 15,000 times).

And social media users of all ages have flooded her feed with messages of gratitude.

Now it’s time to go forth and put Ekhoff’s words into action: go, be, and do, millennials. Because life really is about the verbs.

Also, have as much avocado toast as you goddamn well please. You deserve it.

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