Why Line of Duty fans are talking about that epic spelling mistake

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Line of Duty the spelling mistake

Has ‘H’ been outed by his poor spelling? Line of Duty fans think they’ve “definately” been given a clue about the identity of the corrupt cop. 

Line of Duty fans are all atwitter - could the identity of mystery, corrupt senior police officer, dubbed ‘H’, be one step closer to being revealed? 

According to fans, the spelling mistake made by a big-dog OCG boss (that’s organised crime group to us non-police officers) could point the finger - or rule out - a very popular character.

If you’re already lost, read this handy guide to who’s who in Line of Duty - because we need you to know your Arnotts from your Corbetts for the next bit.

And, warning, there are spoilers from episode three ahead. 

Line of Duty
Line of Duty: This is the typo that’s sparked such conversation

So, during a scene with UCO Corbett who is, once again, being forced to have a conversation with his gangland boss via a computer chat - he talks out loud, the mystery person on the computer types back - producers dropped a wild ‘clue’.

In a message to the police officer-turned-hardened-gangster Corbett, the scary boss writes: “Eastfield Depot is definately high risk.”

Is this definitely, “definately” evidence that points towards the boss’s true identity?

For weeks now, fans have been subtly led to believe Superintendent Ted Hastings could be up to his eyeballs in corruption. He’s a bit shifty and it would be a good story, right?

Well, Sunday night’s spelling error has certainly thrown a cat amongst the pigeons.

Could a man of Hastings’ superiority really make such a mistake? Did the web chat not have spellcheck? 

Line of Duty Ted Hastings
Line of Duty: Ted Hastings could be dodgy

Hold your fire, though. Just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief (because surely poor old Ted who lives in a run down hotel, hiding his shambolic private life from his colleagues, couldn’t be corrupt, right?) the next scene shows the AC-12 top dog slamming the lid on his laptop.

But what was Ted doing on his laptop? Checking out his dodgy investment? Googling hotels with working toilets in the area? Or perhaps chatting away to his UCO Corbett trying to cover his tracks as a corrupt officer?

More fuel was added to the ‘Ted Hastings is guilty’ fire when the scene cut to Hastings leaving his hotel room and dumping his laptop in recycling centre for electronic goods.

The mixed messaging is what fans love about Line of Duty, and it’s certainly keeping us locked to the screen on a Sunday night.

But will Hastings be outed as the man behind the typo? Has Corbett finally lost the plot? And what on earth has Hastings’ estranged wife got to do with it all?

Read Stylist’s Line of Duty series 5, episode 3 recap here - and together we will “definately” make it through to next week’s episode. 


Is Line of Duty's Superintendent Ted Hastings corrupt?


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