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Working from Home with Stylist podcast: lockdown lessons, rule breaking psychology and more

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This week’s episode of Working from Home with Stylist is available to download and listen to now. Here’s what to expect.     

Just over three months ago, when the coronavirus pandemic put the world into lockdown, most of us suddenly found ourselves working from home. We had to adapt to Zoom calls, home office set-ups and working without a desk buddy, all while dealing a collective grief and trauma. 

To help navigate these new waters, the Working from Home with Stylist podcast was launched. Each week, editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski and editor Alix Walker have kept listeners entertained and informed with top experts, celebrity guests and fellow Stylist colleagues.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, episode number 10, which has just been released, is the last one of the series. Here’s what happens in it…

Lisa and Alix look back at some of the top tips shared by previous guests, including Mother Pukka founder Anna Whitehouse on the future of flexible working, chiropractor Matt Rabin’s advice on posture and career and presentation expert Russell Amerasekera’s tips  for making an impact in video meetings.

The hosts also discuss the psychology behind rule breaking in lockdown: do you strictly adhere to them or are you just a natural rule breaker? Apparently, most of us tend to fit into one of these two camps. So, Stylist examine the concept of rule breaking in the wider context. 

Alix points out that, without breaking rules, many historic changes wouldn’t have happened. However, Lisa also asserts that “so much of human success is based on our ability to follow rules”. The topic is further explored in more detail in this week’s issue of Stylist (available to download on the app). 

I May Destroy: Weruche Opia
I May Destroy actor Weruche Opia chats on the latest Working from Home with Stylist podcast.

Stylist Loves editor and cocktail aficionado Gemma Crisp also shares her favourite lockdown cocktail recipes. And I May Destroy You actor Weruche Opia explains why the hit new BBC series is such a timely watch. 

Listen to Working from Home with Stylist here or press play below.

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Here you can find the links to all the content we discuss in this week’s podcast. 

Working From Home

Graham Allcott, Productivity Ninja

Sarah Ellis, Squiggly Careers

Matt Rabin, Chiropractor

Russell Amerasekera, Executive Coach

Anna Whitehouse/Mother Pukka

Stylist Loves: Cocktails

Nio Cocktails

Create Cocktails

Diffords Guide

BBC Good Food

Bar Notes

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Rule Breaking

Download the full article / digital issue of Stylist by search for Stylist in the app store and downloading issue 515

Find Weruche Opia on Instagram and watch I May Destroy You on iPlayer.

Eating, Drinking, Doing

Dishoom deliveries

Petersham Nurseries Picnics

Sparkling Water Maker

Black bean quesadilla

Fortnums Sparkling Tea

Lungs at The Old Vic

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