How to officially ‘name and shame’ your bad landlord

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London’s first name-and-shame database of rogue landlords has launched. 

It’s fair to assume that anyone who’s lived in London at one point during their lives has been faced with a fair few issues when it comes to renting. From rising bills to life without a living room, it can sometimes be a stressful experience – especially if you have a landlord who’s hell-bent on not compiling with the rules.

Which is why, in the midst of the capital city’s housing crisis, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is tackling rouge landlords in the best way: by name-and-shaming them.

Launched this week, the rouge landlord checker allows renters to pop their landlord’s details into an online database to see if your potential landlord has been previously convicted of any criminal offences.

But, this doesn’t mean you can name-and-shame or pop a vent into the database because your landlord has failed to give you back your deposit. Only local authorities located in all of London’s boroughs can do so.

Khan believes this will mean unscrupulous landlords and agents “have nowhere to hide”.

“I’m confident this will be a major step in tackling unscrupulous and illegal practices in the rented sector,” he said.

The database will give Londoners “greater confidence in renting a home, as well as acting as a clear deterrent to the small minority of landlords and letting agents who behave dishonestly”, said Khan.

The move comes as Khan outlines his strategy for tackling the city’s housing crisis

London Fire Brigade’s assistant commissioner for fire safety, Dan Daly, said: “Now that all boroughs have signed up, it means every Londoner who rents, wherever they live, will be able to find landlords and letting agents who have been successfully prosecuted or faced civil enforcement for housing offences, including those prosecuted by us for fire safety breaches.”

The move comes as Khan outlines his strategy for tackling the city’s housing crisis.

Do you have a rogue landlord? You can check here.

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