Lost for words? Honest and endearing greeting cards for moments when you don't know what to say


Even as writers, there will be some moments in life when words fail us.

Whether it's telling someone we've just started dating that we sort of like them, to sharing sentiments when someone has lost something dear without sounding contrived, we've all experienced those awkward and uncomfortable scenarios in life that don't fall within the remit of a traditional greeting card.

But one talented illustrator is here to save the day with a range of cards that capture the sentiments we can't. 

Emily McDowell's alternative greeting cards started with one awkward Valentine's card for people who are seeing someone but don't want to make a big deal out of it.

Now her clever and quirky cards have quickly become one of our favourites. Thankfully Emily and her team, who are based in Los Angeles, ship worldwide.

Here's our selection of McDowell's wittiest, most poignant messages below. We can think of a time we could have used each and every one of them.

For someone who's not technically your mum on Mother's Day

Alternative greeting cards

For a long-term partner

Alternative greeting cards

For a single friend on Valentine's Day

Alternative greeting cards
Alternative greeting cards

For all our critics

Alternative greeting cards

For a friend who has just divorced

Alternative greeting cards

For someone who has lost something dear to them

Alternative greeting cards

For when you're ready to say "I love you" but can't

Alternative greeting cards

For the relationship that's fought battles

Alternative greeting cards

For a crush

Alternative greeting cards

You can buy all the cards pictured above for £3 ($4.50) each at

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