Lucy Mountain on the 4 irrational thoughts we all have in the gym

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We asked Lucy Mountain to tell us her irrational gym fears, and they’re brilliantly relatable. 

When it comes to fitness, Lucy Mountain tells it like it is – and we absolutely love it. Because the thing is, working out isn’t as easy as it can sound. 

The gym is an intimidating place. There’s always that man that thinks it’s his god given right to come over and tell you ‘how it’s done’. Then there’s the fitness influencers, who can seem like they have it all together in a way we never will. Even though exercise should be about doing something positive for ourselves, we can get so caught up in what everyone else is doing or thinking. 

Mountain knows this. Sure, she’s an influencer… but an influencer with a difference. In fact, Mountain will tell you about the truth behind those ‘detox teas’, rather than sell you one. And she will generally encourage you to do… well, to do whatever you like (other than follow some restrictive diet).

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So, inspired by her straight talking attitude and relataibility, we asked Mountain to go through all the fears we have in the gym, and explain why they’re all completely irrational.

From panicking that everyone is staring at you to feeling like a fraud who doesn’t know what they’re doing, here Mountain uncovers the truth about those thoughts that we all have. Spoiler alert: they’re not as bad as you think!

1. “I’m way too weak to go to the gym!”

“Nope. Nope. There is no prerequisite of strength required to get in the gym and have a good workout. Everyone there had a first day in the gym, including those fitness influencer people that you stalk on Instagram. Own where you’re at, and just run with it.”

2. “What am I doing here? The weights area is just not for me.”

“One in four of us are too intimidated to step foot in a gym. I know, it’s shit. We need to change the narrative that the gym is only reserved for guys wearing stringer vests with their nipples hanging out. It’s just a big room with mental things that we pick up and put back down again. No single part of that says no women. So get in there!”

3. “That guy’s looking at me, and he can tell I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I don’t mean to be rude no-one cares about your workout. It’s hard enough trying to remember what you’re doing in the gym, let alone what weight the person next to you is doing, what rep they’re on, or what they look like doing it.

“If you have had a negative experience, unfortunately there will always be arseholes in public spaces but being able to go back after that and keep doing your thing… that is strength. That is growth.”

4. “My leggings are see-through and everyone can see my ass”

“Ok… this one. This one from personal experience may well be true. So…sorry, I can’t help you there.”

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