This luxury London bar is selling a cocktail for £100 – but would you buy it?

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Emily Reynolds
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Going out for cocktails can be pretty pricey, especially in central London – and sometimes it can feel like you need to take out a small mortgage in order to get more than one round in. 

But that all pales in comparison to a new offering from London bar The Bletchley – a cocktail that costs £100. 

Yes, you read that right – one hundred English pounds. The George VI cocktail is just one of the luxury cocktail options at the lavish Chelsea bar, where all the decor is inspired by World War II codebreaking headquarters Bletchley Park. 

As you might expect from such a pricey tipple, the drink is made from the best ingredients you can get. Monkey 47 gin, Lanique rose vodka and Chambord liqueur are mixed with fresh lemon juice and bitter lemon, and then infused with hibiscus tea, berries, lemon and orange peel.

The finishing touches include mascarpone foam, chocolate, edible diamonds, caramel and real gold leaves, and is also served with a “sparkling wine bomb”, jelly, French toast, pancakes and sweets – so it’s safe to say that you’re getting your opulent money’s worth. 

The two drinks take around 40 minutes to make because they’re so complex. 

Bar manager Roland Mandoki told Business Insider that the drink’s price is more to do with how it’s served than the ingredients.

“It’s easy to create a cocktail for £100 while using premium spirits, but we wanted to focus on customer experience,” he said. “It’s going to be customised because we’re going to come to the people, so everything is going to be made in front of them.”

You can check out all of The Bletchley’s other cocktails on its website – and drinks are on you, right?  

Image: Artem Pochepetsky / Unsplash