eam Stylist analysed 10 flavours of Magnum and ranked them from worst to best – this is how each ice cream fared

Team Stylist analysed 10 flavours of Magnum and ranked them from worst to best – this is how each ice cream fared

Prepare yourself for a wildly emotional ride. This is Team Stylist’s definitive ranking of Magnum flavours from worst to best.

When the UK weather reaches the kind of dizzying heights we’ve experienced over the last few days, there is one kind of treat we all gravitate towards: ice cream.

It’s true that not all were created equal. You might be partial to a choc ice, Calippo or Cornetto yourself, but for most of Team Stylist, it is clear that one is a cut far above the rest: the Magnum.

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We’re not alone in our thinking. In a 2018 YouGov survey, Magnums were named as the most popular ice cream in the UK. But what quickly became clear is that, while beloved, the humble Magnum was the subject of fierce debate when it came to determining which flavour is best.

Highly controversial opinions ranged from “very overrated” to one team member admitting to having sampled a “parmesan cheese Magnum” (spoiler: she did not enjoy it). As we argued white chocolate v almond v mint, unlikely alliances were formed and colleague relationships turned fraught, with one writer exclaiming: “I liked all of you so, so much before this!”

So, as the dust begins to settle around Stylist’s Magnum-gate, we present to you our definitive ranking of Magnum flavours, from worst to best. Be prepared to scream, curse and nod in strong agreement. You have been warned…

Every flavour of Magnum, ranked from worst to best by Team Stylist 

10. Ruby

Of course, no one in their right mind would actually turn their nose up at a velvety white chocolate ice cream enriched with a luscious raspberry sauce swirl, but the poor Ruby Magnum didn’t even get a mention in the great debate.

An unsung hero, we thank her for her service and send her on her way.

9. Milk chocolate

If you’re a bit late running down to the local shop, this is probably the flavour you’ll find left at the bottom of the chest freezer. It’s a solid that’ll do choice for cooling down on a balmy day, but it’s nothing to shout from the rooftops about. 

8. Dark chocolate

The pinot noir of ice creams, the Dark Chocolate Magnum is a staple for those with a more refined palette. Perfectly crisp, sophisticated and with a slightly bitter kick, you better make sure she’s served with a perfect frosty sheen alongside a crisp glass of something cold for maximum effect.

7. White chocolate and berry

Offering twice the ice cream and chocolate indulgence, it’s clear why freelance writer Alice called white chocolate and berry “everything”.

However, it couldn’t quite compete against its more classic counterparts.

6. Dark chocolate and raspberry

Described as “the peak” by digital writer Lauren, for those with a slightly sweeter tooth, this chocolate and berry combo has to be a winner.

“YES! These are the best,” agreed digital chief sub-editor Jenny.

5. Double caramel

Proving to be less popular than you might imagine, the Double Caramel Magnum flew under the radar for much of the debate, but I’m bringing it back here and now.

Not to be outdone by its jazzier cousin, the indulgent Double Gold Caramel Billionaire Magnum, the double caramel offers a pleasant film of salty-sweetness to accompany every bite. (Yes, I do bite my ice creams. Sue me.)

4. Mint chocolate

Mint flavourings can often have a Marmite-esque appeal. But according to news editor Kat, they’re not to be discounted.

“I thought white chocolate was my ride or die, but I finally got bored of the vanilla ice cream. The new mint one has blown my mind,” she confessed. “The crunchy/crispy stuff in the chocolate is wizardry, and mint ice cream is one of the all-time greats anyway (see also: Mint Feasts), so this combination has really improved my Magnum experience.”

There we have it, folks. 

3. White chocolate and cookies/cookie mix

The team’s thoughts ranged from “pretty delish” to the more reflective: “Why do people keep putting cookies in things? Things should go in cookies.”

Ultimately, as another Stylist team member succinctly put it: “Nice combination of texture; lots of flavours, total chaos”.

2. Almond

The satisfying “crunch” of an Almond Magnum was extolled by many during this debate, helping it to the runner-up spot in our humble ranking.

Like a Snickers on a stick, but better, the Almond Magnum well and truly deserves a top three finish. 

1. White chocolate

Drumroll, please. Taking the number one spot, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the White Chocolate Magnum. However, its glory was the most hotly contested.

“Nothing screams summer like a White Magnum to me. From the rich, velvety vanilla ice cream to the Magnum white chocolate, it tastes both indulgent and decadent with each and every bite,” said senior digital writer Leah.

But others on Team Stylist had a different set of strong feelings about the newly crowned champ.

“In my opinion, eating white chocolate is like eating Play-Doh: I haven’t done it since childhood and I’m not looking to regress anytime soon,” shared senior beauty writer Morgan.

“Besides the fact it tastes of precisely nothing and the texture reminds me of a bendy ruler, why would you choose white chocolate when there are other, better options on the Magnum menu? The robust crunchiness of an Almond Magnum, the bittersweet relief of an ice-cold Dark Magnum or, if the freezer situation is looking dire, the fake-minty wash of a Mint Magnum? For me, a White Chocolate Magnum is a false economy – bland, overhyped and lacking any substance that would make it welcome in my world this summer.”

Fighting talk, indeed.

Honorary mention: Magnum Remix

The Switzerland of ice cream, the Magnum Remix provided some much-needed neutrality within our debate.

For those not in the know, the Magnum Remix ice cream is dipped in classic Magnum milk chocolate and smooth white chocolate, with roasted almonds and a velvety vanilla swirl. It is quite literally the best of all worlds or as our news editor Kat decreed: “This is the true holy trinity!”

“Now this is UNITY,” senior digital writer Leah cried. Peace in the Team Stylist camp at last.

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And there we have it.

However, if ice cream isn’t your bag and you’re looking for some more hot takes, go ahead and read our equally controversial ranking of the UK’s best ice lollies.

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