This Princess Bride revelation will make you see the film in an entirely new light

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Susan Devaney
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As we continue to indulge (in utter disbelief) the greatness of The Princess Bride as it celebrates 30 years since gracing the big screen, tales from the set are finally being brought to light.

And one, in particular, is showing how different film-making is today.

Having been made back in 1987, technology was certainly near non-existent: which means no CGI effects.

The Princess Bride
A love story blossoms between the two protagonists, Westly and Buttercup.

At one point in the film, Buttercup (Robin Wright) and Westly (Cary Elwes) are found trapped in a Fire Swamp. From sinking holes to stinky swamps, the two have to dodge a series of deathly encounters to make it out alive... including a rodent of unusual size.

“There were actually people inside of those suits, and they were terrific,” Elwes told PopSugar, referring to the giant rats in the scene.

“Essentially, they had to be sewn into the suits, which were made of a thick layer of foam and rubber under this fake rat hair.”


He continued: “It was boiling inside! So I made sure, in between takes, that they were unsewn, and could get out and get fluids. It was incredibly hot on set with all the lights and the fire.”

William Goldman originally wrote the book (yes, a book came first) after asking his daughters what they’d like to hear a bedtime story about. One said a princess; the other a bride. Hence the title.

Rewritten for the screen, Rob Reiner (of Stand By MeWhen Harry Met Sally) took the film on and a classic was born.

Now, Elwes has admitted that he was already a huge fan of the book before he landed the part of Westly.

“William Goldman loomed very large in my home. Both my father and my stepfather were big fans of his, so he was quite the household name. It made me that much more excited to get the role.”

Anybody want a peanut?

The film will be back in cinemas nationwide for one day only on Monday 23 October. 

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