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Living without Love Island is, in itself, a form of heartbreak.

Less than a week into the hiatus, we’ve been staring at our blank television screens and wondering what we used to do in the evenings. Y’know, before the show of the summer took us on that wild, unforgettable journey with Jamilla, Cash, Muggy Mike, and the gang. 

But guys, it’s time to wipe the tears from our eyes – because that hole in our lives is about to be filled once again.

That’s right, a new TV show – one that’s eerily similar to Love Island – is winging its way to our screens in a fortnight.

Channel 5’s Make Or Break? sees eight real-life couples jet off together to a five-star Mexican resort – but, as you may have guessed from the title, they’re all trying to salvage relationships that are on the brink of extinction.

But there’s a twist, because these pairs aren’t just going to enjoy their exotic paradise.

Instead, they’ll be put ‘on a break’ for 48 hours, before swapping partners (just like Jonnny and Camilla) with each other to see if they stay or stray during the experience.

In a statement, Channel 5 also teased that the couples would be helped to improve their bonds by relationship experts.

“Eight couples who have come to a crossroads in their relationship head to a Mexican tropical paradise to see if their relationship is make or break,” a spokesperson for the show said.

“Are they with the one? Is what they have worth fighting for? Through partner swaps and trials our experts will give the couples the tools to make better relationship decisions.”

However, there is one glaring criticism of the show at hand.

Out of the sixteen contestants that have taken part, there are no ethnic minorities in the line-up whatsoever.

Although the channel has said they are “committed” to making their shows representative, Make Or Break is far from a stellar example of this ethos.

”Channel 5 is fully committed to ensuring diversity across our slate of programming, on and off screen,” a spokesperson told the Metro.

“We accept that the casting for this programme highlights that we can – and must – do better to represent and reflect the diversity and make-up of the UK population.”

The show, which starts on 7 August, will be on every weekday at 10pm. 

Photos: Channel 5 and ITV


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