Watch: Man carries out flower girl duties with immense pride and solemnity

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“And it was awesome.”

That’s how Patrick Casey captioned a video titled ‘I was recently the flower man at a wedding’ and we couldn’t sum it up better, frankly.

Casey, from Wisconsin, took the role of flower girl at his cousin Andria Farthing’s wedding recently, and the results were actually simultaneously hilarious and tender.

Watch the video below.

Taking his duties pretty seriously, he slowly walked down the aisle scattering his petals from a basket, eliciting big smiles from the seated guests, before grabbing a couple of surprise handfuls of extra petals from his pockets for a final flourish.

He then solemnly takes his place in the wedding party line-up (still clutching his basket of course) to applause.

He and his cousin were close growing up and the two took roles in a wedding together as children. Casey told Buzzfeed he used the same basket Farthing had carried 20 years previously, and didn’t think he’d stolen any thunder from the happy couple (pictured below by photographer Erin Moore).

“They fully encouraged me to do all of this. I would have never done anything to take attention away from them if they didn’t want me to.”

Flower men, or flower fellas, have been heard of before but are still a somewhat rare breed in the world of weddings, hence the excitement over Casey’s appearance – something made all the more wonderful thanks to his obvious pride in his role. He’s even now offering up his tremendous petal-scattering skills to any other couples looking for a flower man.

However he did concede: “I suppose it's also possible (if extremely unlikely) that there are usually many children up for the job who are a lot cuter than me.”

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