Woman billed by man after refusing to go on second date

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We’ve all been on dates before that just didn’t feel quite right. There wasn’t anything wrong with the guy or girl in question, per se; they were clean, they were friendly, they seemed reasonably sane. But that elusive spark was lacking, and you decided – before you’d even said your goodbyes – that you probably wouldn’t be seeing them again.

Usually, it’s possible to extricate yourself from these situations with minimal drama. A polite “I had a lovely time, but I don’t think we’re a good fit” text is enough to set you free.

But occasionally, we cross paths with someone who won’t take being let down lying down.

That’s what happened to Lucy Brown, who recently told a guy she wasn’t interested in seeing him for a second time. His response? To bill her for the drinks he’d bought.

The 38-year-old fashion designer met the unnamed man through dating site Plenty of Fish, and sent him a WhatsApp message after their first date to let him know that she didn’t think they were right for one another.

He replied by sending his account number and sort code so that Brown could provide a “contribution for the drinks” he had bought for her, the Sun reports – despite the fact that she says he insisted on paying.

“Hi, thanks for your honesty,” began his response. “I had a really nice time with you and the truth is I’m a bit devastated atm [sic] having read your note.”

Brown says that she had accidentally gone home wearing the man’s watch after they jokingly swapped accessories during their evening at a pub in Clapham. After she turned down his offer of a second date, he told her that it would be “too painful to receive the watch in the post and [be reminded] of you” – but that she “might be interested to know the cost of [the watch] was €20”.

He also asked Brown to put some money towards the cost of the date itself. “I really fancied you and saved up some money to take you on a nice date; as it didn’t work out I’d be grateful if you could send along something to contribute for the drinks I spent on you thinking I’d at least get to see you again.”

The date had cost £85, the man informed her, adding that he was “happy for you to do what you feel is right, especially considering my badly damaged feelings atm”.

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Brown messaged him back informing him that she had handed in his watch to the lost property department at his local police station and transferred him £42.50 to cover her half of the date – and donated the other half to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary “on our behalf”.

She also pointed out that she hadn’t asked or expected him to cover the cost of the date, advising him: “Next time don’t pay for everything just in case date two doesn’t happen”. 

Brown tells the Sun that she originally thought the man was pulling her leg. “When I got the text, I was crying with laughter – I honestly thought he was joking,” she says. “But then I realised he was serious.”

She adds: “My life does feel a bit ridiculous at the moment. I just think ‘why me’?”

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Moya Crockett

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