Man shares hilarious tribute to his flatmate girlfriend and her best friend

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From plucking each others’ eyebrows to crying at reality TV, one man shares a baffled insight into what it’s like living with his girlfriend and her best friend…

Whether it’s the guy who insists on hoarding out-of-date mayonnaise or the early bird who just loves to blare out power anthems at 7am, living with flatmates is a lesson in diplomacy.

Everyone has their personal quirks, and seeing them unfold is something akin to an anthropological exercise. Other people’s habits are both alarming and fascinating, and the ultimate crossover comes when we learn to not only tolerate, but hold real affection for them.

Which is perhaps why musician Craig Shapes struck a chord recently, when he shared the many lessons he’s picked up since moving in with his girlfriend and her best friend last year.

Craig’s two flatmates

Craig took to Twitter to reveal the pearls of wisdom he’s gleaned from living with his two flatmates, in a series of brilliantly baffled insights.

A muse on female friendship and the inanities of living together, the missive quickly amassed over 70,000 likes.

While some of Craig’s findings play to gender stereotypes (clearly, not all women are Instagram stalkers or have “massive dramas” over washing their hair), others really do capture the random quirks of friendship and flatmates - women or no.

For example, Craig is floored by the level of “weird-smelling candles” in his flat (“I don’t even know what rhubarb and custard actually smells like?!?”) and has become a reality TV convert (“I know everything about all of these people I’ll never meet.”)

Here are a few of our favourite insights:

Clearly, the trials and tribulations of living with two best friends is worth it, as Craig concludes: “All I’d say tho is that you don’t know true loyalty until you’ve lived with girls. 

“And the house is full of laughter every day. Love them.”

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