This man just explained vaginas to a gynaecologist and it was a masterclass in mansplaining

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Sarah Shaffi

Ever wished a man would mansplain your own vagina to you? Do we have the story for you.

Mansplaining is rife, whether it’s someone telling a musician how her songs could be better or a man explaining Martin Luther King Jr’s teachings to the civil rights leader’s daughter.

But the best (and by best we mean worst) mansplainers are those who can’t resist telling a woman about her own body.

Or at least they were, until one man offered up a “correction” regarding the female anatomy, and followed that up by mansplaining mansplaining.

It all began when Paul Bullen responded to a tweet by the Guardian about its article on photographer Laura Dodsworth’s project 100 Vaginas.

Dodsworth’s project contains close up photographs of 100 vulvas, and the photographer has explained that for some of those she photographed it was the first time they’d ever seen their vulvas.

But, despite Dodsworth’s expertise, Bullen decided she was wrong, and responded to the tweet by saying: “The correct word is vagina.”

And well, women on Twitter were quick to respond to Bullen’s incorrect tweet, some of them with humour.

One user wrote: “My 3 year old calls it a “bulba.” She is closer to correct than Paul.”

Another, a gynaecologist, posted a picture of a knitted vulva to help Bullen, while another posted a diagram showing the names of various parts of the female anatomy.

One Twitter user, Mich, thanked Bullen for “mansplaining on something you obvs know nothing about”.

Instead of acknowledging his mistake, Bullen dug down and decided the best thing to would be to explain why Mich had used the term mansplaining incorrectly.

“That’s an incorrect use of the word mansplaining,” he wrote. “Not that I want to legitimise the term, but by its own definition it requires more than just having just a man who is explaining something. Even if some in the audience are women.”

Bullen seems a little confused about his double instance of mansplaining, so to help with any confusion in the future we’d like to point him towards this handy mansplaining chart.

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