This mansplaining Twitter thread has encompassed new levels of hilarity

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Jasmine Andersson
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Have you ever experienced that precious moment when you’re telling someone about something and then a man think it’s a good time to ‘add in’ because having a penis means he can describe it just that *little* bit better?

Congratulations, you’ve been mansplained.

It seems that no matter whether you’re in the office, down the boozer or even at a feminist hang out, these man just cannot stop themselves chipping in to share their hot take on any subject possible – including on the functions of your own body.

After moderating a group chat about the oddest mansplains in history, inspired Twitter feminist @nicolefroio moderated is asking the women of the Twittersphere the most hilarious mansplains they have experienced to date. 

The thread, cataloguing the worst things men had tried to explain to them, is running into new realms of parody.

It appears that men will literally splain anything they possibly can, right through to PRONOUNCING YOUR OWN SURNAME.

One lucky woman found that one male was even kind enough to explain the effects of pregnancy on her body.

And even if certain males may be well-meaning underneath all of that condescension, it doesn’t stop a significant number using the tactic to spew sexist vitriol.

Honestly, these women deserve medals. We all deserve medals, for we are the champions of our own mouths, names, interests, and bodies – and we don’t need any man (re)telling us otherwise.

And while we can enjoy the contents of the ridiculous anecdotes in this thread, let’s start a new hashtag in the hope that mansplainers will finally get the message that their patronising, sexist comments are not required – #beyourownhottake.

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