Marie Kondo’s incredible decluttering method is coming to Netflix

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Susan Devaney
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It’s official: Marie Kondo is bringing her tidying expertise to the small screen. 

Not only has Marie Kondo achieved the impossible by getting people to actually enjoy tidying up, but her process for doing so has been given it’s very own name: the KonMari method.

Having sold over eight million copies of her debut book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo has made a credible name for herself as everyone’s favourite organisational expert.

So the news of Kondo being given her very own reality TV show on Netflix has got us excited. The eight-episode, unscripted series is not only female-created but will follow people’s lives as they learn the joy of tidying up with Kondo herself. If an item doesn’t “spark joy” it goes.

“Marie created an incredible global movement to inspire personal understanding through mindful organisation,” Berman of Gail Berman Jackal Group, who’s producing the series, told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’ve seen individuals undergo astonishing and moving personal journeys simply by applying Marie’s approach to their own homes, and we are delighted to work with her and Netflix to share her method.”

Check out the trailer below: 

And we get it – especially since Kondo is adamant that the well-known saying of “a tidy house makes for a tidy mind”.

“The benefits of decluttering are logical. But when you become confident about your decisions after finishing tidying, you begin believing in your instincts, and this might feel like good things are continuously happening mysteriously,” Kondo told in 2017.

With mental health issues, such as anxiety, affecting some 8.2 million people in the UK, it’s certainly a method worth trying.

“Once you declutter with the KonMari method, it will become clear what you like and what you want to do. Your priorities in daily life will become apparent,” Kondo explained. “You will recognise what kind of life makes you happy and become confident in making decisions in various situations.”

We’ll certainly be tuning in when it airs on 1 January 2019. Mark your calendars. 

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