Marmite peanut butter is here to divide the nation

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Felicity Thistlethwaite
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Marmite peanut butter spread on toast

You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, and if it’s true love we have four other delicious Marmite-y treats for you. 

Marmite peanut butter is the latest addition to the yeasty family of products that will no doubt divide the nation as much as the traditional breakfast spread itself.

On 25 March there will be a digital stampede of shoppers attempting to arm themselves with the nutty treat – which apparently tastes like crunchy peanut butter, albeit with a delicate kick of (you guessed it) Marmite.

It will go on for sale with online shop Ocado next week and then nationwide chaos will ensue when, on 7 April, the hotly anticipated spread hits shelves across the country’s supermarkets.

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Love it or hate it, scientists say Marmite could be seriously good for you

Those looking for Marmite facts to use in their next pub quiz will no doubt be interested to learn the peanut butter is the first permanent product innovation since the brand was established in 1902. And the spread has been created in response to overwhelming demand from those who Love It.

Marmite peanut butter

It’s Marmite, but not as you know it.

But what else can fans of the spread enjoy to quell their desires until the peanut butter is released? Look this way…

Marmite biscuits

Delicious, nutritious and now made in a handy carry-on-the-tube packet so you can take to work: here comes the Marmite biscuit. But don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is a sweet treat with a savoury edge. It’s a savoury oat biscuit, probably best enjoyed with a wedge of mature cheddar.

At £2.30 for five packets, with four biscuits in each, it works out at 8p a biscuit – totally worth the splurge to keep hunger at bay.

Marmite popcorn

Sweet, salted, sweet and salt or… Marmite? Gourmet popcorn producers Joe and Seph partnered with Marmite to create the most divisive cinema snack the nation’s ever seen. If you Hate It, this isn’t going to be the one for you. Love It, however, and it’ll be the finest £4 you’ve ever spent for 75g of pure, crunchy joy.

Marmite rice cakes

Rice cakes are traditionally bland (sorry, not sorry) but throw Marmite into the mix and you’ve got yourself what can only be described as a wholesome, hunger-eliminating snack.

Rich in B vitamins, 100% vegetarian and just £1.25? Bargain.

Marmite cashews

Delicious cashews, sprinkled with delicious Marmite. No further sell needed. Now if only there was the same enthusiasm about Bovril…

Image: Marmite PR


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Felicity Thistlethwaite is the executive editor digital at Stylist.

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