6 ways to embrace the maximalist interiors trend

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Throw out the rule book - a new age of extravagance has arrived in our homes

For years now, minimalism has been the byword of chic interior design.

From exposed brick walls to muted Scandi hues, we’ve been clearing out the clutter in favour of industrial-style décor and blank canvas space. 

But, no longer. This autumn is heralding in a major sea change in the world of home inspiration. 

Call it a reaction to these oppressive times we live in, or merely a desire for bold self-expression, but maximalism is making a comeback in living rooms across the world. 

This effusive trend is a delight for so many reasons: vivid swathes of colour are nothing if not cheerful, and you can rule-break to your heart’s content. Even clutter is good, as long as you use it in the right way. 

And for those of you whom printed wallpaper is just a little too much, fear not. Maximalism is a motif that can be embraced in stages, from a flourish of house plants here to a decadent wall hanging there. You don’t have to go all Liberace straight in.

With that in mind, here’s six ways to work the look - as inspired by the fruitful world of Instagram:

Multiple frames, multiple colours

Forget one statement picture: this is about lining up your prints, your paintings and your posters altogether. Experiment with spacing, colour and style to get the right effect. 

Bring on the pattern frenzy

Now’s the time to get out there with your wallpaper choices. Bin your can of antique white, and instead go shopping for eclectic prints with a touch of luxe or tropicalia.

Plants are everything

But not in the hipster sense of one or two artfully placed succulents. This is about going wild on the foliage front: the more the better, to jazz up more prosaic areas of your home. For bonus points, develop some vision when it comes to your hanging options, too.

Bold retro hues

Bubblegum pink, welcome home. Mustard yellow, take a seat. With maximalism, you can reach into any decade for ideas, but the 1950s, with its kick of kitsch, and the velveteen sheen of the 70s, are particularly ripe for picking.

Hello, hacienda feel

Look to create a light, airy space filled with punchy colours and textures. Just because there’s a lot going on, it doesn’t stop you from creating flow between each new design element.

Rugs and cushions aplenty

Accessory lovers, this is your time to let it all out, with an abundance of rugs, throws and cushions. The usual treatment applies here: exuberant colours, plenty of texture and zero upper limit (although you can opt for less: see third image down). Remember, anything goes.

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