Why Me Too Rising is a great Google tool for women everywhere

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Susan Devaney
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Google has launched Me Too Rising, an interactive visualisation of search trends involving the #MeToo movement, and it proves to be a powerful tool for women everywhere. 

At times the world can feel like a pretty big (disconnected) place. But if anything has brought women across the planet together over the past seven months, it’s the #MeToo movement.

From the hashtag to the plethora of powerful stories, the movement has been instrumental in changing the conversation around sexual misconduct in every industry, and in every country.

But in case you had any reservations as to how influential the sharing of people’s personal stories has been, Google has created an interactive visualisation tool, called Me Too Rising, that basically maps the movement.

Created in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the tool shows you how the movement has progressed since 1 October 2017, after the explosive sexual harassment story involving Harvey Weinstein was broken by Pulitzer-winning journalists, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, at The New York Times

From highlighting the current trending cities discussing #MeToo to people simply searching for stories around the movement, the spinning globe lights up to show the incredible connectivity between women. 

The world lights up as you move from city to city, country to country.  

“This is not only a significant moment in history; it’s a significant moment in internet history: #MeToo marks a time when sexual assault survivors everywhere turned the internet into a platform for their voices and perspectives to be heard and respected,” Malika Saada Saar, Google’s public policy and government relations senior counsel, posted in a blog.

And people on Twitter love it.

“This is what we want… the power to move the globe with our fingers,” one user posted. 

Another posted: “We are so thrilled to have helped @Google on #MeTooRising. The project visualises the #MeToo movement with real-time Google Trends data.”

“Woah. Google just released the #MeTooRising platform with really cool trend visualisations. They’re going live with a video from @TaranaBurke, founder of the Me Too movement. Shout-out to all of the badass women of colour activists who made this happen!,” another user wrote. 

Let’s keep continuing the conversation because it is a small (yet powerful) world after all.

Images: Unsplash / Twitter