A deleted scene from Mean Girls has been revealed and it’s fetch

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Susan Devaney

A deleted scene from Mean Girls has been unearthed, and it’s as good as you’d expect. 

If, like us, you can quote pretty much every hilarious one-liner from Mean Girls word for word, then you can comprehend how excited we were to discover a deleted scene from the high school movie.

Believe it or not, but it’s been 13 years since the film first hit the big screen, and the scene only further confirms how truly awful Regina George (Rachel McAdams) is, was, and forever will be.

Like all great American high school films, the best exchanges seem to happen in the school cafeteria, where societal expectations are high, and stereotypes – such as jocks, misfits and nerds – are rife.

In the deleted scene, Damian (Daniel Franzese) can be seen unscrewing nails from the cafeteria table.

Then it cuts to Cady (Lindsay Lohan) strategically placing milkshakes and ice cream on the table in front of her, waiting for the ‘mean girls’ to arrive for lunch – specifically Regina.

But, Karen (Amanda Seyfried) sits down first as Regina stops to make out with her boyfriend Aaron (Jonathan Bennett).

Watch for yourself:

Regina turns, laughs and gets back to being her evil self. If you are not a Mean Girls fan (and if not, why are you here?) you may not appreciate the joy, but anyone with an appreciation for the now-cult classic will welcome any extra seconds of the film to obsess over.

We’re not quite sure why creator Tina Fey decided to cut the scene (presumably there was already more than enough material illustrating how horrible Regina could be to even her friends) but hang tight – the musical is coming… 

You go, Glen Coco.

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