Meet the most unamused animals of Halloween 2015

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Anna Pollitt

Forget the kids, Halloween is all about pet owners.

A terrier waddling along in a hotdog outfit is becoming as much a part of Hallow's Eve as dead celebrity fancy dress outfits, leftover pumpkin soup and shooing away trick-or-treaters.

This year brought the most eccentric and entertaining pet costumes to date, with thousands of dogs, cats - and even the odd hen and turtle - treated to a new outfit by their Insta-happy owners.

They're not all thrilled with their new looks though...

1. As if being a Chihuahua isn't difficult enough...

2. Trying to get away and hide - but not. Quite. Fast. Enough.

3. At least we're in this together.

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4. Clucking hell.

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5. It's only once a year. It's only once a year.

6. I thought my only job was to bark at the postman.

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7. I'll get them back for this.

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8. The superhero cape would've suited me better.

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9. I'll never hear the end of this down the park.

10. I hate you.

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11. “What can I say? My owner's into A Clockwork Orange.”

12. Do not touch the 'do.


hope everyone had a roarin' good halloween! #cutedogs #halloween #skimmortreat #halloweendogs

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13. I asked for Darth Vader.

14. This hat makes me no less of a guard dog.

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15. Really? Are we not cute enough already?

16. There had better be a LOT of doggy snacks in our bowls tonight.


Happy Halloween  #halloween #dogs #halloweendogs

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17. I will never forgive you for this.

18. I know I'm the king. I really don't need this.

19. Yes, I do mind.

20. This is not over.


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