One woman became her sister's Tinder PA – and now we all want one

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Would you trust your sister with your dating profile?

Tinder is a lot of hard work. Not only is it an aerobics class for your fingers, there’s also the whole selection process, the witty one-liners to think of and then days (or weeks) or small talk before you even go on a date.

In fact, what dating app users need is a Tinder PA. Which, incidentally, is exactly what one woman did for her sister to help improve her love life (and make Christmas a bit cheaper).

Megan Steffen from Chicago, USA, was feeling short of cash when it came to choosing her sister Emily a thoughtful Christmas present, so she decided to go down a more creative route.

Intent on giving her the gift of love for Noel, and herself a brother-in-law, Megan took to Tinder and executed a full-scale manhunt complete with a strict screening process and power-point presentation of potential suitors.

Sharing her efforts on Twitter, the modern-day cupid said, “For Christmas, I got my sis Tinder dates, matched with 85 guys, interviewed over 39, and created a PowerPoint. Too extra or not enough??”

She also attached screenshots to verify her claims, including Emily’s Tinder profile, written by Megan, of course.

Being honest about the situation, Emily’s profiles reads: “This tinder is actually run by Emily’s sister, Megan. I’m a cheapskate, so for Christmas, I’m getting my sister a tinder date. I’m looking for a brother-in-law, y’all, SO NO HOOK UPS!!!

“Em is a great gal with an alright personality, loves photography, and is a killer barista. Her best quality is being my sister. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY!”

Megan attached proof of the impressive amount of matches she had acquired while controlling her sister’s profile, with a snapshot of some conversations that were going well.

But Megan didn’t just cover the usual dirty work that goes into securing a date digitally. Oh no, this top-notch sister even created a snazzy looking power point presentation narrowing down the best matches and highlighting their selling points.

One fellow, for example, was favoured for being a Harry Potter fan (we couldn’t agree more), owning a cute dog and being “very sweet”. 

Jack is a lucky lad

Megan had clearly discovered a desperately sought after role, with her tweet going viral and a plethora of social media users begging her to do the same for them.

One Twitter user said, “guys from dating apps are AWFUL, so I would be SO SO SO happy if someone would sift through the horrible ones for me to find the diamonds in the rough.”

Another asked, “Um is a service we can pay you for?” before claiming they would happily “spit into our palms and shake hands” to make the sister bond official if that’s what it takes to get Megan on board. 

Obviously, we’re all dying to know the outcome, and luckily Megan has shared the juicy details. 

When a Twitter user asked if Emily liked her Christmas present, she assured them, “Emily loved it! I’m a pretty crazy sister, so she wasn’t exactly surprised I did something this weird.”

And the lucky guy? It had to be Potterhead, Jack. 

Megan tweeted, “She chose Jack, the guy in the slide! Jack has her number, but they have not gone out yet (so, unfortunately, no wedding plans yet)”.

So far no further details have been confirmed, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a new year Tinder miracle. 

Images: Twitter / Joshua Ness


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