Missing your 16-25 railcard? We have good news for you

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There are certain things in life that remind you that you’re getting older; a genuine excitement over candles at times other than a birthday, questioning the purchase of fashion items “because they don’t look like they’d last”, and of course, the end of your 16-25 railcard. But that last one may be a distant dream no more, as a new version for over 25s could be the answer to all your discounted-rail dreams.

With a third off all train tickets, your young person’s railcard probably saw you through teary journeys home from uni, long-distance relationships and the inevitable scattering of your friends around the country.

However, a new 26-30 railcard, dubbed the millennial railcard by many, could be introduced by 2018.

According to, the new railcard will be introduced on Greater Anglia rail services initially, with 10,000 cards available to be trialed from December.

It’s not been confirmed how much money railcard holders will save, but it is presumed that the extended card will offer the same discount as the original, giving users a third off all train tickets. Rail companies are also leaving us in the dark as to when the rest of the country will be able to revel in the money-saving delights, but the website also reports that a document circulated on a UK rail forum appears to detail a national launch for the card next year, although this has not been officially confirmed.

The site has also diligently noticed that rail service companies have recently registered website domain names such as which is suspiciously similar to the current railcard website domain name, Hmmm...

We feel like we’re in a game of Cluedo.

There have been a few musings on why this an extended version of the card has been introduced, but the main school of thought is that the gods of rail travel have taken pity on millennials and our money struggles.

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The Telegraph reports that millennials are the first generation to earn less than their parents and the property ladder woes of those born between the mid-Eighties and early Noughties are well documented.

The reality is that when we were first handed our 16-25 railcards, upon starting university or as an extra with a bank account some kindly ‘grown-up’ had opened for us, we naively thought “26? That’s ages away – I’ll be filthy rich by then!”

And although there are many upsides to being a millennial, (our generation of women being named the most powerful, for instance), 26 doesn’t feel quite as grown-up as we once thought, those perceived adult pillars of homes, cars and career ladders seeming pretty distant to many.

In short, we’re all for it – now we’re going to take a few minutes to pray to those rail gods again to ensure its 2018 launch. 

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